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Introduction to Summer Pre-College Programs in 2020

Summer Online Programs and Courses for High School Students

Summer pre-college programs - college campusPre-college summer programs
for high school students can provide beneficial opportunities to extend academic learning beyond the school year.

This summer there are a variety of online or remote pre-college programs and courses that are offered to high school students. These online options enable students to explore topics of interest, develop new knowledge, build on the learning from the school year, and learn more about a potential college major.


Using the Directory of Summer Programs

This directory of summer programs includes information about summer pre-college programs and courses. In particular, there is information about the online academic opportunities in the summer of 2020.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many colleges, universities, and educational organizations are offering online summer academic options for students. This provides high school students with a wide range online educational programming.

The following pages of this directory enable high school students to explore online summer learning options.Low-Cost or Free Online Courses for High School Students

    • Online Summer Academic Courses and Programs

    • Relatively Low-Cost or Free Online Summer Options

The Directory of Summer Programs

College Campus with students participating in a summer programThis directory is designed to help high school students, parents, and educators find online summer programs of interest. 


The directory can be utilized to examine online summer programs and opportunities. The directory now specifically focuses on online summer programs and courses for the summer of 2020.  The summer academic options that are included allow students to learn using their own computer and being in the comfort of home.

The directory includes:

  • Online Academic Summer Courses
  • Online Pre-College Summer Programs
  • Massive Open Online Courses offered by Universities
  • Information about Pre-College Program Options

Featured Summer Pre-College Programs

University of California Los Angeles summer pre-college video game design program for high school students

UCLA Game Lab Summer Institute – Online Learning

Wealthy summer program for high school students

Wealthy Habits Summer Financial Literacy Virtual Courses  for Students Ages 11-19

Summer program for high school students at Susquehanna University

Pre-College Summer Writing Program for High School Students

American University pre-college scholars summer program for high school students

American University Community of Scholars Summer Pre-College Program

Bard College summer writing program for high school students

The Young Writers Program – Bard College at Simon’s Rock

New York School of Interior Design summer pre-college program for high school students

New York School of Interior Design Summer Online Pre-College Programs

The Types of Online Pre-College Summer Programs included on the Directory

University Building at a Pre-College Summer ProgramIn considering an online summer course or program, it may also be useful for students to consider the type of online summer experience that would best fit their interests and goals. There are several different types of educational entities that offer summer online programs and courses. The following provides more information about the summer options.

  • University Department: There are many university departments that host and run programs specific to their mission. These programs tend to focus on a particular topic and enable students to gain insight into a subject area during the summer.
  • Pre-College Programs with College-Level Courses: Some of the pre-college summer academic programs enable high school students to take college-level courses. These programs often open up the summer schedule of courses to qualified high school students. As a result, students can learn from faculty members, develop a better understanding of the college academic expectations, and explore a topic of interest. Some pre-college programs with courses offer the possibility of earning credit. However, it is important to note that credits may or may not be transferable to other institutions.
  • Releatively Low-Cost: Many pre-college programs have a cost associated with participation. However, some pre-college opportunities have a relatively low-cost and, in some cases, have no cost. This may be due to financial donations given to a university, a grant that a college earned for a summer program, or a sponsoring organization has allows for a lower cost. More information can about relatively low-cost online courses can be found on this directory.
  • Educational Organizations: There are a number of reputable educational organizations that run pre-college summer programs. The organizations often work with universities so that students can gain experience on a campus while participating in an academic program. It is recommended that students and parents contact a representative from an organization to find out the detailed information about a potential program option for the summer.

The Directory includes Programs from a Variety of Schools & Organization such as:

Northeastern University summer program for high school students
Purdue University summer program for gifted students

Learning about Topics of Interest through Summer Pre-College Programs

Summer education programs - learningSummer pre-college education programs have different areas of emphasis. This enables students to gain more insight on subject areas of interest and to consider potential college majors as well as career pathways. Pre-college programs can focus on topics such as art, business, computers, engineering, drama, journalism, theatre, math, music, technology, science, STEM, writing, and more. As a result, students are encouraged to carefully consider the topics that they would like to explore and programs that would be beneficial.

Choosing a Program or Educational Opportunity for the Summer

Student Education Programs - Summer programs directory for high school studentsWhen choosing an online pre-college program or course for the summer of 2020, it can be helpful for students and parents to examine important factors. Some of the factors that can be considered include:

    • admission requirements
    • subject or topic
    • cost
    • daily schedule
    • expected outcomes

In order to ensure that students have a productive online learning experience students and/or parents are encouraged to directly contact a representative of a summer program to find out detailed and up-to-date information.

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