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Summer Programs and Camps for High School Students​

Introductory Information about Summer Pre-College Programs

Summer pre-college programs - college campusSummer pre-college programs for high school students can provide beneficial opportunities that extend learning beyond the school year. Pre-college summer programs and camps can enable students to explore topics of interests, engage in experiential-based learning, collaborate with peers, develop new skills, participate in productive endeavors, enjoy experiences with hands-on activities, and consider potential college majors and career fields. There is more information about pre-college programs on the Student Education Program blog with posts such as potential benefits of summer pre-college programs and what is a summer pre-college program?


Finding Summer Programs on this Directory

This directory of summer programs is designed to help high school students find opportunities in the summer that align with their interests and goals. There are summer programs for students in states around the country. Students are encouraged to research the summer programs so that they can find options that would be good matches for them.

To begin exploring summer pre-college programs and education opportunities in different states, please use the stateslink in the menu at the top of the page. To learn more about summer programs and pre-college opportunities, please use the information on this page and visit our blog posts.

Featured Summer Pre-College Programs

Yale University Summer Young Global Scholars Program for High School Students

Yale University Pre-College Summer Program

Boston Leadership Institute Summer STEM Programs for High School Students

Florida Atlantic University Criminal Justice Summer Program


Pre-College Experiences

A college campus for a Summer Pre-College Program for High School StudentsSummer pre-college programs for high school students often take place on university campuses and they can provide students with a chance to get a preview of a college environment. Pre-College programs often enable high school students to get a general feel for a college campus and experience learning in a university setting. Summer pre-college programs also give students a chance get a glimpse of college life and help prepare them for the transition from high school to post-secondary education. For more information on pre-college programs, please visit our blog post about pre-college courses for high school students.

This summer pre-college programs directory features a variety of schools and organization such as:

Northeastern University summer program for high school students
Purdue University summer program for gifted students

Learning about Topics of Interest Through Summer Pre-College Programs

Summer education programs - learningSummer pre-college education programs have different areas of emphasis. This enables students to gain more insight on subject areas of interest and to consider potential college majors as well as career pathways. Pre-college programs can focus on topics such as art, business, computers, engineering, drama, journalism, theatre, math, music, technology, science, STEM, writing, and more. As a result, students are encouraged to carefully consider the topics that they would like to explore and programs that would be beneficial.

Choosing a Summer Pre-College Program or Educational Opportunity

When choosing a summer pre- Student Education Programs - Helping Students find Summer Programscollege program or camp, it can be helpful for students and parents to examine important factors. Some of the factors that can be considered include:

  • location
  • admission requirements
  • supervision
  • program focus area
  • cost
  • daily schedule
  • expected outcomes

In order to ensure that students have the type of learning experience that they are seeking from a summer program, students and/or parents are encouraged to directly contact a representative of a summer program to find out detailed and up-to-date information. Students can begin learning about programs by using the ‘states‘ tab at the top of the page.

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