Learning about AI with Summer Online Options

Learning about AI with Summer Online Options

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Introduction: Artificial Intelligence and a Summer Educational Opportunity

During this difficult period where schools are closed, internships are canceled and students are forced to stay at home, we want to invite you to learn more about a few resources that teach students about artificial intelligence (AI) by AI Camp.

AI is a technology that has the potential to improve every aspect of our lives, like automating away tedious tasks or discovering new drugs. AI Camp teaches middle and high students about AI. It does not require any coding experience from the students, and it teaches students about coding, core data knowledge, and machine learning.

AI Summer Camp Experience

What separates AI Camp from all the AI programs is that AI Camp students form groups to make impressive AI products, like this emotion detector. By learning and building AI products, students get to learn different roles in the industry, gain core skills in a very promising field, and become part of a great network that can later get them internships and jobs. AI Camp is founded by Stanford alumni and mentored by many Silicon Valley CTOs and a Stanford professor. It also provides full scholarships for students from low-income families.

AI Summer Technology Program for high school students

(AI Camp Emotion Detector can analyze emotions in a photo. It is created by AI Camp students in three weeks. Some of the students started with zero programming experience!)

Here are some good resources from AI Camp

    • A free online class to introduce AI to students. In this 45-min class, AI Camp founders will teach students what AI is, what applications AI has, how AI products are made, and resources to learn more about AI.  Sign up for a free online lesson.
    • Online instructor-led classes to learn AI and to create AI products. In this weekly online class, students will learn about Python programming, data visualization, machine learning, and deep learning. Equipped with this fundamental knowledge, students will get to create one AI product that people can use, like the emotion detector.  Full scholarships are available for low-income families.

Thank you, and please stay healthy and keep learning!


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Michael Ke Zhang

Michael Ke Zang works with AI Summer Camp to help students learn about artificial intelligence and applied usage of technology.

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