Arizona Summer Programs and Camps for High School Students

This page of the summer educational programs directory includes information about Arizona summer programs. The state of Arizona has a variety of summer educational programs available for students. The programs can enable students to learn about topics such as design, music, writing, science, and more.

Many of the summer opportunities are pre-college programs and take place on college campuses in different areas of the state. This provides students with the opportunity to gain experience in a university setting.

Overall, participating in a summer program can provide students with a chance to gain hands-on experiences, learn about interesting subjects, study topics at an in-depth level, and gain experience on a college campus. The postings below include Arizona summer programs for high school students.

Arizona Summer Program Spotlights

Arizona State

Arizona State Summer Engineering Programs

Northern Arizona University summer progra for high school students

Northern Arizona Summer Music Camps

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Arizona Summer Programs

University of Arizona summer program for high school students

University of Arizona  Business Career Awareness Summer Program – Tuscon, Arizona
The University of Arizona, in collaboration with the EY Accounting Firm, has developed a program for high school 11th graders to learn more about areas in the business field. In particular, the program is coordinated by the College of Management’s School of Accountancy as well as the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship at the university. One of the primary goals of the program is to foster an environment that enables students, who are underrepresented in college business classes, to learn more about areas in the field of business. The program provides students with the opportunity to learn about a variety of business disciplines such as accounting, management, marketing, and more.

Through the program, students interact with instructors, meet new peers, work cooperatively with other students, take part in high-interest learning exercises, and engage in practical activities. In addition, participants in this pre-college program have a chance to learn about the university and gain experience in a post-secondary educational setting.

The program is designed to be residential. As a result, students have the opportunity to stay in university housing and to get an idea of what it is like to live on a college campus. The program costs for eligible students are covered by a scholarship from EY.

Participants: High school students in the 11th grade.

University of Arizona summer engineering program for high school students

University of Arizona Summer Engineering Program – Tuscon, Arizona
The College of Engineering at the University of Arizona offers a engineering summer academy for high school students. The program is designed to help students learn more about the field of engineering as well as potential college majors and career opportunities. Students have the opportunity to work with professors and graduate students from the College of Engineering. Participants  have the chance to engage in practical learning experiences and projects. Participants can explore the general field of engineering and/or go in depth in more specific areas in the field. Students in the program have access to some of the facilities on the university’s campus, including a residence hall.
Participants: High school students.


Med-Start Summer Program at the University of Arizona – Tucson, Arizona
Med-Start is a summer program designed for 11th grade students in Arizona. It is intended for students who are interested in a health science field. Students have the chance to explore potential careers and to learn about classes in different subject areas (such as math and science). In addition, students have the chance to learn from instructors, see healthcare facilities, and engage in active learning experiences. Participants in the program also benefit from being on a university campus.
Participants: Arizona high school students who have finished their junior year (other requirements may apply).

Camp Innovation

Arizona Science Center Summer Innovation Camp – Phoenix, Arizona
The Arizona Science Center offers programs that are designed to help students learn about areas in the STEM field (science, technology, engineering, and math). There are a number of different themes and topics in the programs, which are designed to help students gain an excitement for the areas within STEM. In addition, the Science Center has opportunities for high school students to be interns and work with younger students.
Participants: A variety of different ages depending on the program.

Arizona State

Arizona State University Summer Engineering Programs – Tempe, Arizona
ASU provides a variety of summer camps and programs to help students learn more about engineering. There are a number of topics for students, which help them to gain more knowledge and experience within the engineering field. Past program sessions have included: intro to circuits, robotics, the art of invention, logic and leadership, and more. In addition to exploring topics in the field of engineering, students also have the opportunity to be on Arizona State’s campus and learn about majors/careers relating to engineering.
Participants: High school and middle school students.

Arizona State

Arizona State University Summer Writing Program – Tempe Arizona
The Young Adult Writing Program (YAWP) is a component of the Central Arizona Writing Project. YAWP offers a summer writing program that helps students to enhance their writing skills and tap into their creativity. The program is designed to promote writing, foster cooperation, and enable students to write in a collaborative atmosphere. Participants have the opportunity to interact with peers and instructors, take part in writing workshops, share their work, and enjoy writing. The summer writing camps are located on the campuses of Arizona State.
Participants: There are opportunities for high school, middle school, and elementary students.

Leadership Institute

César E. Chávez Leadership Institute at Arizona State University – Tempe, Arizona
The Summer Leadership Institute is designed for high school students entering their junior or senior year. The program is intended to provide a variety opportunities that emphasize leadership, civic engagement, and community development. There is also an emphasis on the importance of completing high school and attending college. The Leadership Institute works to promote the importance of higher education among Arizona’s youth. Participants in the summer institute are mentored to help their growth and development and to enhance their leadership skills.
Participants: High school students (rising juniors and seniors).


Embry-Riddle University Summer Aerospace Engineering Program – Prescott, Arizona
The Aerospace Engineering Summer Pre-College Program is designed to help students learn about the field of aerospace engineering. Topics include aerodynamics, robotics, design, dynamics, and more. Students have the chance to participate in experiential learning through labs and to work with professors. Participants also have the opportunity to test and design models. Overall, students who participate in the program can learn about topics as well as college majors and careers invoving aerospace engineering.
Participants: High school students.

Northern Arizona University summer program for high school students

Northern Arizona University Summer Nizhoni Academy Program – Flagstaff, Arizona
This program is designed for Native American high school students and is held on the campus of Northern Arizona University. Participating students have a chance to learn more about topics in the area of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) while also preparing for the transition from high school to post-secondary education.

In this pre-college program, students work with instructors to enhance their knowledge in STEM areas. Students can also learn about college majors and career options within STEM fields.

In addition, through this program, students participate in discussions and activities to help prepare them for a college setting.  Students examine skills that can be utilized and embraced in a college environment such as academic skills, leadership skills, and more.

This pre-college summer programs provides students with the opportunity to gain experience on a university campus, explore high-interest topics in the STEM fields, and develop skills that can be helpful in the transition that occurs when students complete high school and begin to enter post-secondary education.

Participants: Native American students in high school.


Northern Arizona

Northern Arizona University Summer Music Camps – Flagstaff, Arizona
The Curry School of Music at Northern Arizona University offers summer music camps to help students enhance their music skills and abilities. Participants have the opportunity to work with instructors from the School of Music as well as with musicians from around the country. There are a variety of classes, private lessons, and coaching opportunities. Students also participate in full ensemble rehearsals and performances with their peers. Students participating in the residential option also have the chance to learn about Northern Arizona University’s campus, facilities, and resources.
Participants: High school and middle school students.

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