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Art Summer Programs and Camps for High School Students

Information about Art Pre-College Summer Programs and Education Opportunities

There are a variety of summer programs for students who have an interest in visual art and design. Summer art programs can enable students to enhance their artistic skills, work with art instructors, demonstrate their creativity, explore different types of
art, meet peers with a similar interest, and share art pieces.
Some art programs provide students with a chance to work with multiple areas within art such as drawing, sculpture, painting, photography, graphics, and more. Other summer art programs may have a focus on one area within art and this can enable students to explore that area an in-depth level.Art Frame for an Art Summer Pre-College Program

Pre-College Summer Art Programs

There are colleges of art and design that offer pre-college summer programs for high school students with an interest in the field. These programs provide an opportunity for students to learn about the type of education that is offered at a college that specialize in art and design.

Through pre-college summer experiences, students can have the chance to develop pieces for an art portfolio, utilize resources in a college setting, develop new perspectives on art, learn about cutting edge techniques, work with faculty members to improve their artistic abilities, and receive feedback on their work. Students also have a chance to learn about college majors in art as well as potential career pathways. 

Some art pre-college programs have a residential component, which enables students to stay on the campus and preview a college environment. Additionally, Art summer pre-college programs can help students to make informed decisions about the type of college experience that would
benefit them.

Examples of art pre-college summer programs include:

Art Student at a Pre-College Summer Art Program