Business Summer Programs and Camps for High School Students

Introductory Information about Business Summer Programs

Business topics for a summer business program for high school studentsBusiness summer programs can provide an opportunity for high school students to explore a variety of topics in this field. For some students, a business summer program may be a chance to gain initial experiences with learning about topics and concepts in this area. For other students who may have taken a business class in school, a summer business program can supplement the learning that has taken place during an academic year.

This page of the summer programs directory focuses on opportunities in business and entrepreneurship. The page includes background information on business programs in general and this is followed by descriptions as well as listings of specific summer business program options.

Experiential Activities and Business Summer Programs

Students working together at a business summer programMany business summer programs provide students with the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities and experiential learning. For example, students may have a chance to develop their own business idea during a program or students may find themselves designing a marketing campaign for a new product.
Through business summer programs, there are often opportunities for students to work cooperatively with their peers, develop leadership skills, and utilize teamwork in a mock business setting. In addition, business summer programs and camps can give students a chance to learn about and explore potential college majors and career opportunities, which can be particularly helpful for high school students.

Researching and Finding Summer Business Programs

Business summer program with high school students working togetherThe exact nature of a business summer program is dependent upon the areas being emphasized. Summer programs may focus on general topics within the business field or they may emphasize areas such as business planning, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership, financial literacy, and more.

It can be important for high school students to research and examine summer business programs to find those that best align with their interests. For example, some programs may emphasize business leadership while others may place more of a focus on learning how to build a startup business.

Pre-College Business Summer Programs

Business College for a summer business programWhile many business summer programs, can be considered pre-college opportunities, some programs take place on college campuses and give students a chance to get a preview of life in a college setting.
For business programs that take place on a college campus, students may have the opportunity to meet current business students, utilize college resources, interact with faculty members, find out about research taking place in the field of business, learn about college majors, and gain a sense of what college life is like.
Some pre-college business programs are specifically organized and run by the school, department, or college of business within a university. This can be useful in helping students to gain insight into business programs of study  and majors at the college-level

Summer Program Opportunities in this Directory

In addition to the business programs that are included below, students may be interested in other opportunities that are included in this directory such as:
    • Summer programs that enable students to enhance their writing skills.
    • 10-plus interesting computer science summer camps.
    • Factors to consider when researching and finding summer programs.
    • Valuable pre-college summer courses that are offered on university campuses.
    • Summer programs that enable students to become more familiar with the areas in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).

Exploring Summer Business Programs

Overall, there are many benefits to participating in a summer business program. It can be helpful for high school students to research and read about specific opportunities in order to find options that coincide with goals, interests, passions, and potential outcomes. 

It can be particularly useful for students to examine the practical aspects of business summer programs to find information about the length, dates, daily schedule, type instruction, learning activities, cost, and more. Reading, researching, and learning about summer business opportunities can be useful with regard to finding programs that align with areas of interest, summer schedule, and other important factors for a student and a family.

There is information, below, about specific business summer programs. The descriptions and listing that follow may be useful for students as they begin the process of learning about and finding opportunities for the summer to pursue.

Featured Summer Pre-College Programs

Salish Sea Sciences pre-college summer program for high school students

Salish Sea Sciences Summer Pre-College Programs for High School Students

Wealthy summer program for high school students

Wealthy Habits Summer Financial Literacy Programs for High School Students

World Scholars Academy summer pre-college business program for high school students

World Scholars Summer Business Program for High School Students

Young Authors summer writing program for high school students

Young Authors Summer Program: A Pre-College Writing Camp

American University pre-college scholars summer program for high school students

American University Community of Scholars Summer Pre-College Program

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Featured Business Summer Programs for High School Students

Appalachian State University business summer program for high school students

Appalachian State University Summer Business Program – Boone, North Carolina

The Martha Guy Summer Institute at App State is a program that enables high school students to learn about, examine, and explore the field of business. This two week summer program provides students with the opportunity to gain insight into the business world, investigate college majors in business, and find out about potential career options within this field.
The program offers a variety of activities that enable students to explore high-interest business topics. Participants have the chance to learn about significant concepts through informational presentations, hear from business leaders, engage in experiential simulations, examine business-based scenarios, and gain experience with skills that are valuable in the business profession. Students also learn about practical steps to help them prepare for a career in business such as resume development and interview tips.
The program also featured a team-based activity that involves students working together to cultivate an idea, consider how it could be utilized by consumers, and develop a business plan. Participants have the opportunity to share their work and receive constructive feedback.
This summer business pre-college program also gives students the chance to learn about living on a college campus and meeting the academic expectations in a higher education setting. Participating students reside in dorms on the campus and have access to a variety of resources at the university.
There is an application for this program. There is also a scholarship application that can be completed.
Participants: High school students who will be going into their senior year after the summer.
Boston Leadership Institute summer programs for high school students

Boston Leadership Institute Business Programs – Boston, Massachusetts

Future business leaders of America, we have the perfect summer program for you. The Boston Leadership Institute offers three-week programs in Finance, STEM Entrepreneurship, and Social Entrepreneurship led by instructors with degrees from Babson, MIT, UCLA, and more of the top institutions in the country. One-week Investment Banking, Sports Statistics, and Big Data programs are also available.
Registration is now open for both residential and day students.

Participants: High school students.
Visit to learn more!
Drexel University summer business camp for high school students

Drexel University Summer Business Camp – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The College of Business hosts and runs a summer camp for upper grade-level high school students. This summer program enables students to enhance their knowledge of the field business. The program is designed to help students gain an understanding of significant business practices and to begin to develop skills that can be utilized in the business profession.
One of the features of this summer camp involves the wide range of business topics that are covered. Through the program, students can learn about subsets of the business field such as finance, logistics, marketing, leadership, and much more. Participants have the chance to take part in simulations, discussions, and experiential learning activities. The learning experiences that are provided by this summer business camp can help students to cultivate an interest in different areas of business and consider potential college majors that could lead to a career in the business field.
During the summer camp, students have the opportunity to take a field trip to see business professionals in actions. Students also participate in interesting discussions about aspects of business and they have a chance to apply their learning through creative activities.
This program has a residential and a commuter option. The commuter option allows students to participate in the learning activities each day and return home in the evening. The residential options give students a chance to stay on the campus and gain further insight into college life.
Participants: The program is intended to be for high school students, who will be going into the 11th or 12th grade.
Business Summer Academy for High School Students

Summer Business Academy – A part of the Summer Academies at Harvard – Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Summer Business Academy is sponsored by the Harvard Student Agencies. The program is designed to enable high school students to develop their knowledge and skill set in relation to the field of business.

During the program, students have the chance to learn about terms, ideas, and principles that are frequently used in the field of business. Participants also gain insight into a variety of practical and real-world aspects involved in the world of business. During the program, students can meet peers who have an interest in business, learn from and converse with instructors, and gain foundational knowledge that can be useful in business ventures.

Through the program, students also have a chance to engage in activities that allow them to apply their learning, collaborate with peers, and develop professional skills. Through a variety of learning exercises, students gain insight into what it takes to start a business. Participating students also have the opportunity to learn about college business majors as well as options in the field of business.

Participants: The program is designed for rising high school sophomores and juniors.

University of Michigan Summer Business Program – Ann Arbor, Michigan

The summer business academy is hosted and run by the university’s Ross School of Business. The program is designed to provide upper grade-level high school students with the opportunity to learn about a variety of significant business topics while also getting a feel for what it is like to be a business student at the university. This summer experience can give students a preview of pursuing a degree in business and help them begin to determine if they like to pursue a career in a business profession.

The program utilizes a variety of learning activities that enable students to gain insight into the field of business. Participants have the chance to learn from professors, hear from current professionals, take trips to see businesses in action, participate in high-level discussions about real-world issues, work cooperatively with other students, and engage in experiential exercises that simulate business-related issues. The multiple modes of learning and the experiences provided in the program can enable students to deepen their understanding of significant business principles and concepts.

This pre-college business program allows students to stay on the campus and gain experience living in a university-run dorm. One of the unique features of the program is that business students from the university take on an advisory role in the dorm. This enables participants to converse with and learn from current undergraduates who are pursuing a degree in business.

There is an application process for this program. There are scholarships available for the program, which are based upon financial need.

Participants: High school students going into the 11th and 12th grade can apply to participate in the program. Typically, preference is given to rising 12th graders.
University of Pennsylvania summer business program for high school students

University of Pennsylvania Leadership in a Business World Summer Program – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Wharton School of Business sponsors a summer program that connects the importance of leadership and business in a global society. The program is designed for upper grade-level high school students, who have demonstrated leadership skills and have an interest in business.

Through the program, students have the opportunity to learn from business professionals, interact with professors from Wharton, take trips to see how business principles are applied in real-world settings, and learn from current business students at the university. During the program, students gain insight into the ways in which the use of effective leadership skills can impact businesses and industries.

One of the important aspects of the summer program involves the application knowledge. As students are acquiring new knowledge, they are able to utilize their learning through collaborative business activities and simulations. For example, students work together to develop a business plan and receive feedback from professionals in the field of business. The program also stresses the importance of collaboration and teamwork, which are fostered by effective leaders in the business field.

This pre-college business leadership program enables students to get a feel for campus life, as they can stay on the campus in dormitories while they are participating in the program. As a result, during this four-week program, students can preview life on a college campus as well as the academic expectations in a higher education setting.

There is an application for this program and it is considered to be selective in nature.

Participants: Rising high school eleventh and twelfth graders.

Summer Business Camp at Rutgers University – New Brunswick, New Jersey

The School of Business sponsors and runs a summer camp to help high school students become more familiar with areas of the business field. This program is designed to enable students to learn about significant topics and concepts that pertain to business while also providing them with the opportunity to apply their learning.
During the program, participants have the chance to engage in learning activities such as simulations, experiential activities, and competitions. These help students to get a better of idea of the business field. Students also work in cooperative groups with other participants, which helps to reinforce the teamwork aspects involved in the business profession.
There are numerous facets of business that students can learn through the summer camp. For example, students can gain insight into marketing, logistics, startups, operations, management and more. This pre-college program also enables students to explore college majors and career options in the business profession.
There is a registration process for this program and there are some scholarships available through an application.
Participants: High school students.
Wake Forest University business summer program for high school students

Wake Forest University Summer Business Program – Winston Salem, North Carolina

Wake Forest offers a summer business program that provides high school students with the chance to learn about significant principles and concepts in the areas of business and entrepreneurship. Students have the opportunity to converse with and learn from university professors as well as with local business professionals. The program also enables participants to collaborate with each other, connect with peers, develop business knowledge and skills, and learn about the university.
The summer business program provides students with a chance to learn about a variety of current and interesting topics. These include marketing, branding, production, management, and more. The learning is brought to life as students engage in experiential-based activities that simulate real-world business scenarios.
During the program, participants have the opportunity to visit businesses in the area and see professionals in action. They also take part in exciting discussions about the ways in which conceptual business ideas are applied in actual business environments. In addition, students become more familiar with college business majors as well as potential careers within the field.
This summer business program is a pre-college experience. Students can stay on the campus during the program and live in university residence halls. The business activities and instruction along with staying on the campus provide students with a preview of being in a college setting. There is an application process for the program.
Participants: The program is designed for high school students who will be entering the 10th, 11th and 12th grades as well as those who will be entering college.
Wealthy Habits business summer program for high school students

Wealthy Habits Summer Business Camp – Multiple Atlanta locations

At Wealthy Habits, students learn everything from paying taxes to the importance of spending less than they earn. Through games and activities, students have fun learning and ultimately walk away with a better understanding of how good money habits yield a better financial future.

Camps began in 2012 and are structured specifically for Ages 11-19. Available at many Atlanta area locations starting Memorial Day and running each week until the last week in July, there is sure to be a program that will fit your summer.

Participants: Students between the ages of eleven and fifteen.


Need Additional Information? Call 678-218-1291 or Email:

World Scholars Academy business summer program for high school students

World Scholars Academy Pre-College Summer Course in Economics and Business Honolulu, Hawaii

World Scholars Academy Hawaii offers an elite summer business course for high school students taught by a world-leading professional scholar and accompanied by exceptional peers from around the world. Learn world-class study strategies and deep conceptual understanding of economics and business exclusive to our acclaimed programme.

World Business Academy Hawaii 2020 is a two-week pre-college summer course providing 15-18 year-olds with elite-expert insights into economics and business. The programme includes high-level topics such as Microeconomic Price Theory, Competitive Strategy, Principles of Marketing, Game Theory, Business Cycles, Data Analytics, and teaches elite study skills applicable to all disciplines. Whether your teen is already keen on a business career, is simply curious, or later transitions to another field our course will provide a lifelong foundation for excelling both academically and financially.

The programme takes place on the campus of Asia Pacific International School on the north shore of the island of O’ahu where your teen will be introduced to the natural wonders and culture of Hawaii, providing an inspiring backdrop to expand their mind and exciting collective adventures to forge life-long friendships with ambitious, academically-serious peers from around the world. Daily activities include; surf lessons, rainforest hiking, coral reef snorkeling, waterfall swimming, bonfires with s’mores, pool party, beach games, ukulele lessons, and trips to exciting local destinations. Invest in your teen’s future success with the most exciting and transformational summer of their life at World Business Academy 2020.

Participants: High school students who are ages 15-18.

More information: World Scholars Summer Academy

Additional College and Organizations that Sponsor High School Summer Business Programs

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