Business Summer Programs and Camps for High School Students

Introductory Information – Business Summer Programs

Business topics for a summer business program for high school studentsBusiness summer programs can provide an opportunity for high school students to explore a variety of topics in this field. For some students, a business summer program may a chance to gain initial experience with topics and concept in this area. For other students who may have taken a business class in school, a summer business program can supplement the learning that has taken place during an academic year.

Students working together at a business summer programMany business summer programs provide students with the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities and experiential learning. For example, students may have a chance to develop their own business idea during a program or students may find themselves designing a marketing campaign for a new product. There are often opportunities for students to work cooperatively with their peers, develop leadership skills, and utilize teamwork in a mock business setting. In addition, business summer programs and camps can give students a chance to learn about and explore potential college majors and career opportunities, which can be particularly helpful for high school students.

The exact nature of a business summer program is dependent upon the areas being emphasized. Summer programs may focus on general topics within the business field or they may emphasize areas such as business planning, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership, financial literacy, and more.

Business Summer Pre-College Programs

Business College for a summer business programWhile many business summer programs, can be considered pre-college opportunities, some programs take place on college campuses and give students a chance to get a preview life in a college setting. Some pre-college business summer programs are specifically organized and run by the college or school of business within a university. For business programs that take place on a college campus, students may have the opportunity to meet current business students, utilize college resources, interact with faculty members, find out about research taking place in the field of business, learn about college majors, and gain a sense of what college life is like.
Overall, there are many benefits to participating in a summer educational business program. It is important for students to read about and research different summer business programs to find those that align with their interest, passions, and goals.


Featured Business Summer Program

The Summer Business Academy is a program affiliated with the Summer Academies at Harvard. This business summer program is sponsored by the Harvard Student Agencies. The program is designed to enable high school students to develop their knowledge and skill set in relation to the field of business. During the program, students have the chance learn about important business terms, ideas, and principles. Typically, the program focuses on helping Harvard University summer program for high school studentsparticipants gain insight into new key facets of the business world every day that the program runs. This allows students to build upon their knowledge throughout the summer experience.
In the business summer program, high school students can meet peers with a similar interest, interact with instructors, and gain foundational knowledge for the business field. In addition, students have a chance to engage in activities to apply what they learned, collaborate with peers, and develop their skills. Through the information provided along with the experiential-based activities, students learn more about starting a business. In addition, this summer business program allows students to think about pursuing a college major in a business area and learn about options beyond college in the field of business. The program is designed for rising high school sophomores and juniors.


Examples of colleges and organizations that sponsor business summer programs include:

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