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Colorado Summer Programs and Camps for High School and Middle School Students

This page of the summer educational programs directory includes information about Colorado summer programs and camps for high school students and middle school students. Colorado has a variety of summer programs. Students can learn about topics such as music, engineering, writing, and more. The pre-college programs that are offered enable students to gain experience on a college campus and learn about topics that may not be available in a standard school setting. The Colorado summer programs take place on college campuses in different areas around the state.

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Colorado Summer Educational Programs

University of Colorado

Colorado University Mountain Research Program – Mountain Research Station
Colorado University offers a residential program for high school learners that involves engaging in fieldwork at the university’s Mountain Research Station. The program provides students with the opportunity to work with faculty members and current college/graduate students. Participants gain hands-on experiences and learn about topics such as ecology, biology, and geological sciences.
Participants: High school students

CU Boulder

University of Colorado Summer Music Academy – Boulder, Colorado
The University of Colorado College of Music has a week-long summer music academy for high school and middle school students from around the nation. This program provides a unique opportunity for students to enhance their musical skills and abilities by working with instructors. The program includes academies for band, strings, piano and may also offer jazz. Participating students have the chance increase their interest in music while meeting new peers with a similar interest in a college setting.
Participants: High school and middle school students.

Colorado College


Colorado College Summer Pre-College Program  – Colorado Springs, Colorado
Colorado College offers a summer pre-college program for high school juniors and seniors. Participating students can take courses in a variety of areas. The program enables students to get a preview of college academics. Students also have the opportunity to learn about topics of interest at an in-depth level and expand their learning beyond the traditional school year. Additionally, participants have the chance to meet new people, learn from faculty members, and gain new knowledge.
Participants: Rising high school juniors and seniors

Colorado School of Mines

Colorado School of Mines Engineering Design Summer Camps – Golden, Colorado
The Colorado School of the Mines offers summer camps to help high school students learn about engineering and design. Participants have a chance to learn more about the field of engineering, engage in hands-on activities, work collaboratively with peers, and gain experience with analyzing and applying engineering concepts. Additionally, students have the opportunity to work on a project that involves developing an engineering product and learning how to prepare it for real-world use.
Participants: High school students.

Clarinet Academy

Junior Lift Clarinet Academy – Fort Collins, Colorado
The Junior Lift Clarinet Academy takes place at Colorado State University. The program is designed to help students enhance their interest and skill in music, particularly with the clarinet. Students receive individualized attention and group instruction in classes during the program. Participants also have the chance to get to know other students with a similar interest. In addition to individual and group instruction, students are part of a chamber ensemble and participate in a recital towards the end of the program.
Participants: High school and middle school students (typically ages 13-18).


Colorado State Global Business Academy – Fort Collins, Colorado
The Global Business Academy is a summer program at Colorado State University that provides high school learners with the opportunity to develop knowledge about using business to enhance communities and the world. Students have a chance to participate in hands-on activities, meet peers from different places, learn from instructors, and experience life on a college campus. As a part of the program, students stay in college dorms and utilize some of the campus facilities. Additionally, participants learn about important concepts in international business, gain new perspectives on entrepreneurship, and explore the way in which a passion can be used in the business world.
Participants: High school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.

CU Denver

LYNX National Arts and Media Camps – Denver, Colorado
The LYNX National Arts and Media Camps are summer programs for high school students with an interest in music and the arts. The programs take place at the Denver campus of Colorado University. The programs are designed to help students get a preview of college-level instruction in the fields of music and the arts. They offer students the opportunity to work with a diverse group of peers in a supportive and collaborative environment. There are different sessions which include a variety of high-interest topics, such as animation, comic book design, photography, film, and more. The program has residential and commuter options.
Participants: High school students

Northern Colorado

Summer Enrichment Program at the University of Northern Colorado – Greeley, Colorado
The Summer Enrichment Program at the University of Northern Colorado is designed to address the interests of gifted, talented, and creative learners. Students have the opportunity to engage in high-interest courses that have been developed by specialists in the area of gifted studies. During the program, participants extend their learning beyond the walls of traditional schools and take part in enrichment programming with unique educational opportunities. Additionally, students have a chance to stay on a college campus and interact with peers from a variety of places.
Participants: Gifted, talented, and creative students who will be in grades five through ten.