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Summer Computer Camps for High School Students

Introductory Information – Computer Camps

Computer lab for a summer technology program or computer campSummer computer camps and technology programs provide students with a chance to explore areas of interest and extend their learning beyond the standard academic year. The advances in technology have opened the door to areas of study and career opportunities focusing on computer science, computer programming, game design, and many other technologies. As technology has progressed, there has been an increase in computer camps around the country. As a result, students have more opportunities to engage in learning about a variety of technological topics, concepts, and subjects during the summer months.

Summer Computer  Camps – Areas of Study

High school students at a summer computer campSome of the summer computer camps are general in nature. These programs tend to provide students with an introduction to a variety of topics in the technology field. There are also computer camps that allow students to focus on a specific area of interest. For example, programs can focus on areas such as coding, video game design, computer programming, app development, digital photography, robotics, and more. Additionally, computer camps tend emphasize hands-on activities and experiential-based learning to help students enhance their skills and develop new abilities. In general, summer computer camps and programs provide students with an opportunity to pursue an area of interest, meet new peers with a similar passion, learn from instructors, develop new skills sets, collaborate with others, and think about potential college majors and career paths.


Pre-College Summer Computer Camps

Keyboard for a summer technology programThere are number of summer computer camps are held on college campuses. As a result, these programs can give students a pre-college experience that provides them with the opportunity to learn in a college setting, spend time on a campus, and get a sense for college life. Some pre-college computer camps are run by colleges. For example, a program may be organized, sponsored, and run by the computer science department at a university. Depending on the program, the technology experiences can offer students the chance to learn from faculty members, interact with current college students, utilize the resources on a campus, and gain insight into areas of study in a college environment. Additionally, some computer camps are sponsored by organizations which utilize college campuses and facilities. These summer programs often enable students to learn about specific areas within the technology field while also gaining an experience on a college campus.


Featured Summer Computer Camp

The University of Florida, a public university in Gainesville, offers a computer camp in the summer known as the Gator Computing Program. This pre-college program is designed for students who would like to enhance their knowledge and skills in the area of computing, computer science, and technology. Participating students learn about the ways in which computer technology effects people, communities, and the world.

University of Florida summer computer camp for high school studentsStudents, in this computer camp, have the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, learn about new technological developments, collaborate with peers, and visit campus facilities. This summer pre-college program also enables students gain experience being on a college campus and learn about the university. Through the computer camp, students can begin to develop an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of computers and the ways which in technology plays a role in different fields of study. In addition, students have a chance to meet and interact with faculty members from different areas at the university. This summer computer camp also provides students with the opportunity to learn about college majors and potential career options in areas relating to computers and technology.


Examples of summer computer camps and technology programs include: