10-Plus Computer Science Summer Camps

10-Plus Computer Science Summer Camps

Explore More that 10 Computer Science Summer Camps for High School Students

Introduction to Summer Computer Science Camps

Computer science summer programs for high school studentsThe advances in technology have opened the door for a variety of opportunities in the field of computer science. As technology has expanded, areas of computer science have become more accessible and more exciting for high school students, teenagers, and younger students. Computer science is a part of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics). This has helped lead to more computer science summer camps for students. This article includes 10-plus examples of computer science summer camps.

The Increasing Summer Opportunities in the Technology Field

During the last decade, more attention has been focused on helping high school students and students in younger grades acquire productive and meaningful technology skills. This has helped to lead the way for more summer opportunities that are designed to give students the chance to learn about areas in computer science.

Summer computer science camp for high school studentsThe computer science summer camps that are offered for students vary widely with regard to the specific topics and skills that are emphasized. For example, there are some summer camps that focus on the general field of computer science and introduce students to a wide range of topics. Other summer camps focus on a specific discipline within the computer science field such as coding, databases, networking, cybersecurity and more.

In addition, there are a variety of summer camps that enable students to learn about topics that are related to computer science such as web development, game design, and computer graphics. As a result, students who have an interest in participating in a summer computer science or technology camp, may have a variety of options depending upon their interests.

Learning about Computer Science

Summer computer coding camp for high school studentsLearning about areas of computer science (e.g. coding) can be a hobby, an interest, or a passion. In general, learning about and developing skills in areas of computer science fosters critical, logical, and analytical thinking. These higher-level thinking skills can be applied to any field that a student may want to pursue. Students can also utilize the knowledge that they are gaining in school, such as mathematics, as they engage in learning about computer science.

The field of computer science and information technology continues to expand. There are associates, bachelor’s, and graduate degrees in the field. There are universities that have entire colleges dedicated to computer science such as the Khoury College of Computer Science at Northeastern University. There are also numerous colleges and universities that have departments dedicated to computer science such as the Department of Computer Science at Baldwin Wallace College.

Computer science summer camp on a college campusA number of computer science summer camps are sponsored and run by colleges and universities. Participating in a pre-college summer computer science camp can help students learn more about college majors and programs of study in computer science. There is more information about pre-college summer programs in our blog article entitled ‘What is a Pre-College Program?’

The participation in a pre-college experience can also be helpful for students as they begin thinking about possible career options in the field such as database administrator, programmer, systems analyst, software developer, information technology manager, and more.

Participating in a Computer Science Summer Camp

High school students working together at a summer computer science campThere are a variety of reasons why a student may want to take part in a computer science summer camp. The experiences of meeting new peers, spending time in a college setting, and learning about a topic of interest can be enjoyable and productive.

Students may want to participate in a summer program to enhance their technological knowledge and skills. The participation in an academic summer camp can also help students to determine what areas of computer science they are most interested in and if they would like to pursue computer science further when they transition into a post-secondary education setting.

In addition, many of the computer science summer camps are held on college campuses. This provides students with a chance to gain experience on a campus, interact with faculty members, and become more familiar with a higher education academic environment. Our blog article entitled about the potential benefits of summer programs has more information.

Featured Summer Pre-College Programs

Salish Sea Sciences pre-college summer program for high school students

 Salish Sea Sciences Pre-College Summer Programs for High School Students

American University pre-college scholars summer program for high school students

American University Community of Scholars Summer Program

Young Authors summer writing program for high school students

Young Authors Summer Program: A Pre-College Creative Writing Oppotunity

World Scholars Academy summer pre-college business program for high school students

World Scholars Summer Business Program for High School Students

University of California Los Angeles summer pre-college video game design program for high school students

UCLA Summer Pre-College Game Design Institute

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Researching and Finding Summer Computer Camps

It can be important for high school students to research different types of computer science summer camps to find those that align with their skill level, background, and goals. Some computer science camps are designed for students who have no prior experience in the area while others are intended for those who have already gained some experience.

In addition, the primary topics or focus of a summer camp can vary. For example in the area of computer coding, summer camps can focus on one particular language (e.g. Python, PHP, Javascript) whereas others provide an overview of multiple coding languages.

High school summer computer campDue to the distinctions among summer computer science opportunities, high school students are encouraged to research summer camps of interest to determine the programs that would be good matches for them. In researching summer opportunities, students can find out about factors such as length, cost, daily schedule, type of instruction, recommended prior experience, and more.

To find out about computer science camps, students can consider their own goals and then begin researching opportunities that match up with what they would like to learn about during the summer. Students can read about different options, contact a representative from different summer camps to ask questions, speak with past participants, and inquire about opportunities with a school staff member (e.g. a school counselor). There is additional information in an article on factors to consider when choosing a summer program.

In addition to the computer science camps that are included, below, in this article, there are other summer opportunities on this directory of summer programs. For example, there is a page dedicated to computer and technology summer camps and there are additional STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) summer programs for students.

Information about this Article on Summer Computer Science Camps

This article is designed to provide information and examples of computer science summer camps. The article provides information about 10 plus computer science summer programs. The article is not meant to provide an exhaustive or comprehensive list of computer science camps. Instead, it is meant to help students and parents learn about the types of opportunities that are offered during the summer and that may be of interest.

Summer computer science program for high school students on a university campusIt is important to note, that participating in a summer computer science camp is not a requirement for a student who is interested in this field. In fact, there are a number of different ways that students can learn about the field of computer science and enhance their skills. This article focuses on a way that students can learn more about computer science.

It is also important to note that the cost of summer programs can vary widely. If a student would like to participate in a particular summer camp and the cost is prohibitive, in some cases, it may be helpful to contact a representative and inquire about any options that may be available. It can also be helpful for a student to speak with someone at his/her school (e.g. a teacher, a school counselor) to inquire about ideas and options that involve learning about areas in computer science.

Information about Specific Computer Science Summer Camps

Syracuse University Summer Computer Science Camp

Syracuse offers a Summer Computer Science Program, called Learn to Code, that is part of an overall Summer College Program for High School Students at the university. This summer opportunity enables students to gain knowledge and hands-on experiences in coding while also having the chance to be on a university campus.

Syracuse University summer computer science for high school studentsThe summer coding course focuses on Python as the language for writing codes that execute various functions. Through this program, students have the opportunity to learn about the significance of coding, develop an understanding of the way that coding is utilized in daily life, and apply their learning by writing code to execute actions on technological devices. The summer coding course also enables students to examine the real-world aspects of coding, reflect on potential college majors in the computer science field, and learn about career opportunities that involve coding and programming.

During the coding program, students work with a professor in the computer science field, collaborate with other participants, and build up their skills and confidence with the material being studied. Students have a chance to learn by interacting with the instructor, viewing demonstrations, and engaging in guided and independent practice based on the topics that they are learning about. In addition, students gain experience utilizing their coding to begin executing and automating functions on their own computers, which shows the impact of their learning.

The Summer College at Syracuse allows students to stay on dormitories, live in university-run housing, and utilize resources as well as facilities on the campus. This can provide students with a sense of living in a college environment. There is a commuter option for students who are not staying on the campus.

The program is meant for students who are at least fifteen years old. There is an application process for the program.

University of Purdue Summer Computer Science Camp

The Computer Science Summer Camp is designed to introduce students to a variety of areas in the field. The summer camp enables students to become immersed in analytical thinking and discussions that is utilized in computer science. Participants have the opportunity to collaborate with each other, learn from and interact with university faculty members, and explore high-interest topics.

Purdue University summer computer camp for high school studentsThrough the program, students can learn skills such as utilizing languages such as as Python and Linux. By employing their skills, students can run and execute interesting computer functions. Students also gain insight into designing technological programs, websites, and apps in effective ways.

The summer camp can help participants develop foundational knowledge and skills, which can be built upon by students who have an interest in the field of computer science.

The summer camp has been designed to be residential, which enables students to get a preview of life in a post-secondary educational institution. The program is intended to be for high school students and middle school students.

Carleton College Summer Computer Science Institute

The Summer Computer Science Program at Carleton emphasizes the significance of utilizing critical, logical, creative, and analytical thinking skills. Participating students engage in discussions, problem-solving exercises, and experiential learning activities to acquire and enhance the skills that are needed in the field of computer science.

Carleton College summer computer science camp for high school studentsThrough the summer program, students have the opportunity to converse about practical issues and learn about the ways in which computer scientists solve problems. One of the unique aspects of this summer camp is the opportunity for students to engage in research activities relating to computer science. Students work collaboratively with each other and receive ongoing feedback from a professor as well as current undergraduate students.

Towards the end of the program, high school students have a chance to share the research activities that they engaged in with other participants. In addition, participating students can become familiar with college majors in computer science as well as potential future opportunities in the profession.

The summer institute is designed for rising high school 11th and 12th graders. The program is residential, which enables students to stay in college-run dorms during the program.

Stevens Institute of Technology Summer Computer Science Camps

The Pre-College Program at Stevens offers several different summer camps in the area of computer science. These programs have different topics of focus and they are designed for varying skill levels.

The pre-college summer opportunities include a beginning cybersecurity session and an experienced cybersecurity session.  Both of these programs focus on applying computer science and technology concepts toward protecting data. The beginning program provides an introduction to the cybersecurity area and enables students to develop their knowledge through demonstrations, discussions, and activities. The experience-based program emphasizes the implementation of knowledge and skills in simulations and hands-on learning activities.

There is also a summer opportunity that is designed to introduce students to coding and App design. This program enables students to begin to gain knowledge and skills in coding. Students in this program can utilize the concepts, principles, and ideas that they are learning for hands-on learning activities that involve working with coding and Apps.

Computer science summer camp at Stevens Institute of TechnologyThe Intermediate Computer Science Summer Camp is intended for students who have some experience in this area (e.g. an advanced high school course, the completion of previous computer science-based programs). This program enables students to build upon their knowledge and apply their skills in a variety of activities. Students have the opportunity to work with faculty members, utilize the resources at the university, and get a feel for studying computer science in higher education. This program also enables students to engage in project-based learning and share their work with each other.

The pre-college computer science and technology programs at Stevens enable students to stay on the campus and become familiar with living in a college setting. The programs are designed for rising high school 11th and 12th graders.

University of Michigan MiBytes Summer Computer Science Camps

The Division of Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan offers multiple computer science summer camps. The summer camps have been developed to enable high school students to learn more about one or more areas of interest relating to computer science. Participants have a chance to learn from a professor, converse with college students pursuing a computer science degree, and spend time on a university campus.

University of Michigan summer computer science and coding camps for high school studentsOne of the summer camps, Game Design, is intended to help students gain an understanding of the process that is involved with creating and developing video games. Students have a chance to engage in experiential and practical activities as they learn about aspects of game design. Students also begin to develop their own idea for a game based on the knowledge and skills that they have gained through this summer camp.

Another summer camp, Bits, Chips, and Drones, provides students with the opportunity to learn about several different areas of computer science and also to learn how they fit together. This program provides students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge through interesting projects. Students also receive feedback throughout the camp as they employ their knowledge and skills.

MiBytes also offers a summer camp called Tinkering with Mobile Apps. This program is designed to help students learn about concepts, ideas, and topics in the field of computer science. One of the major areas of emphasis is on the use and development of mobile applications. Through this summer camp, students apply their knowledge to design and build an App. The summer camp culminates with students sharing and presenting their Apps with each other.

The MiBytes Computer Science Camps are intended to be for high school students. The summer camps are commuter-based.

Hofstra Summer Computer Science Camps

Hofstra offers Summer Computer Coding Camps for students. These coding camps provide students with the opportunity to learn about coding and technology within the context of STEM and STEAM areas.

Hofstra computer coding summer camps for high school studentsThe coding camps focus on different high-interest topics. These consist of developing apps, coding with Javascript, and becoming more familiar with Python. Students can participate in more than one of the coding camps because there are multiple sessions in which they are offered. These summer camps can help students develop their technological knowledge and skills while promoting the use of analytical thinking as well as problem-solving techniques.

The summer computer coding camps at the university are commuter-based, which involves students participating in educational activities each day and then returning home. Participants have the opportunity to learn about computer coding while also gaining experience on a university campus.

The summer camps are designed for high school students (freshmen and sophomores) as well as students in younger grades.

Embry-Riddle Summer Coding Camps

Embry-Riddle is a university with locations in Arizona and Florida. The Summer Coding Camp is offered at the Florida location and it is designed to build and enhance the coding skills of high school students. This summer camp gives participants a chance to work with and learn from faculty members at the university and to meet current college students.

Computer science summer camp for high school students on a university campusThe summer coding camp is designed for students with an interest in coding. During this experience, students have a chance to engage in a variety of learning activities, which include being able to utilize what they have learned to write code that can make a computer execute a number of functions.

The summer camp also enables students to learn about computer programming, computer science, and technology in general. Students participate in discussions about technology, gain insight into career opportunities in computer science, and partake in problem-solving and analytical coding activities.

Students, who are participating in the summer coding camp, can stay on the university’s campus during the program. The program is intended to be for students ages fourteen through eighteen.

Additional Summer Computer Science for Students

The Tulane University Summer Pre-College STEM Programs

  • Tulane has a pre-college summer STEM program, which includes a variety of course options in computer science. The technology course areas have included, but are not limited to, (subject to change):
    • Computer Science and Programming
    • App Design
    • Video Game Development

The pre-college STEM courses have a residential and commuter option. The courses are designed for students high school students (freshman-senior)

Learn more: Tulane Summer Computer Science Courses

The University of Texas Computer Science Summer Camps

  • The University of Texas at Austin hosts the following summer computer science camps for high school students:
    • First Byte
    • Code Longhorn
    • Cybersecurity
    • Robotics
  • The summer camps are residential, which provides the opportunity for students to learn and live on the campus during a pre-college experience. The summer camps are available for high school students in the ninth through the twelfth grade (there are some eligibility requirements for specific summer camps)

Learn more: Texas Summer Computer Science Camps

University of Missouri Science & Technology Summer Cyber Miner Camp

  • Missouri S & T sponsors a summer computing-based camp that is designed for students with an interest in computer science and emerging technologies. The summer camp includes hands-on activities and an artificial intelligence competition.
  • This residential summer program is designed for rising juniors and seniors in high school.

Learn more: Missouri S & T Cyber Camp

Alfred University Summer Computer Engineering Camp

  • Alfred University in New York runs a summer computing academic camp for high school students. The summer camp enables high school students to learn from faculty members and interact with current students on the campus.
  • There are residential and commuter options available. The summer camp is open to high school students in grades nine through twelve.

Learn more: Alfred Summer Computing Camp


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