Summer Programs for High School Students in Connecticut

Introduction to Connecticut Summer Programs

Summer programs for high school students in ConnecticutThis page of the directory includes information about top Connecticut summer programs, camps, and pre-college opportunities for high school students. Connecticut has a variety of educationally-based summer programs that allow high school students to learn about topics such as engineering, music, journalism, technology, crime scene investigation, business and more.

The summer programs in CT also often enable students to meet and collaborate with peers from different locations. In addition, a number of the programs are held on college campuses, such as the U Conn Summer Programs. This page includes information about summer programs for high school students in CT and this is followed by postings for specific summer programs.


Learning through Summer Programs in Connecticut

Connecticut summer program with high school going to participate in a learning activityThe summer programs in Connecticut enable students to engage in hands-on activities, interact with faculty members or instructors, and enhance their academic skills. Additionally, summer education programs can provide high school students with the opportunity to continue learning about interesting subjects in the summer.

Extending learning into the summer can be helpful for students in many ways. For example, some summer programs can offer the chance for students to learn about subjects that are not typically covered in a traditional school setting. There are also summer programs in Connecticut that enable students to delve into areas such as engineering, which may not be a subject that is taken during the academic year.

Yale University summer program for high school studentsOther programs have been designed to allow students to expand on the knowledge from their school year by learning about a subject area at an in-depth level. For example, there are programs in Connecticut that enable high school students to extend their learning in an area such as biology through participating in lab work, experiential learning, seminars, and cooperative activities.

Summer programs in CT are typically sponsored by colleges, universities, and reputable organizations. Examples of colleges and universities that run programs include U Conn, Yale, and Fairfield.

Residential and Commuter Options for Summer Programs in CT

U Conn summer programs for high school studentsConnecticut summer programs vary in length with some being a week-long and others having multiple sessions that occur over a month or longer. Additionally, there are programs that are designed to be residential, whereas others are intended to be commuter programs that only take place during the day. There are also programs that provide students with the option of staying on a campus or commuting.


Connecticut Summer Pre-College Programs

College buildings and campus for a Conneticut summer program for high school studentsThere are a number of summer programs in Connecticut that are held on college campuses. These are designed to be pre-college programs, which provide students with a chance to be on a college campus while also learning about a topic or subject of interest. Summer pre-college programs can be helpful for high school students as they begin to engage in the process of making the transition from high school to post-secondary education.

Pre-college programs can enable students to get an idea of what life is like on a college campus and they can provide students with a chance to develop a better understanding of the academic expectations in a higher education environment. Many programs also include extracurricular and social activities on the campus. For a detailed description of pre-college programs, please go to our blog article entitled ‘what is a pre-college program?

Connecticut college campus for a summer program for high school studentsDuring the summer, there are often a limited number of current college students on a campus, however, pre-college programs can be beneficial for high school students as they become familiar with the layout of the grounds, the classrooms, the academic opportunities, the housing and dining options, and staff members as well as faculty members. There are some pre-college summer programs that are designed to be residential. These programs enable students to stay in university dormitories and utilize a variety of resources on the campus. This can enhance a student’s preview of life on a college campus.

An overview of summer programs in Connecticut

Fairfield University in Connecticut summer programs for high school studentsThere are a variety of summer program options in Connecticut for students. It can be beneficial for students to take some time to research and read about different program options in order to those that connect with goals and passions.

If a student has multiple activities planned for the summer, it can be particularly helpful to look at the length and the dates of structed summer programs to find those that work within a schedule. The postings on this page may be helpful in determining which Connecticut summer programs for high school students would be good matches.

Connecticut Summer Program Spotlights

Yale University Young Global Scholars Pre-College Summer Program

Yale University Young Global Scholars Summer Program

University of Connecticut summer pre-college programs for high school students

University of Connecticut Summer Pre-College Program


Fairfield Summer Scholars Program

Summer Programs for High School Students in Connecticut

Chamber Music Central Summer Programs – Fairfield, Connecticut

Chamber Music Central offers summer music programs for students of a variety of ages. Students have the chance to learn from experienced instructors, work collaboratively with peers, and enhance their musical abilities. The program sessions emphasize chamber music and they are one or two weeks in length. Participants work on learning about and preparing to play pieces of music in a concert setting.

Participants: Ages vary depending the program and range from 8 – 22

C-HIT Journalism


C-HIT Summer Journalism and Multimedia Workshop – University of Connecticut

The C-HIT Summer Journalism Workshops enables high school students to gain experience in a variety of journalistic areas. Students learn about areas such as investigative reporting, digital journalism, and broadcast journalism. Students participate in hands-on practical activities during the workshops and learn from community professionals as well as national experts in the field of journalism.

Participants: High school students.

University of Connecticut


Explore Engineering at the University of Connecticut  – Storrs, Connecticut

The University of Connecticut has a program that is designed for students with an interest in pursuing a major or career in the field of engineering. The program is called Explore Engineering. Participating students have the opportunity to learn about engineering and the disciplines within the field.

Students have a chance to learn about the different areas in engineering, such as biomedical, civil, computer, mechanical, and many more. Students also have the opportunity to learn and stay on campus, which gives them a preview of college life.

Participants: High school 10th and 11th grade students.

University of Connecticut summer pre-college programs for high school students

UCONN Pre-College Summer Program – Storrs, Connecticut

The pre-college summer program at the University of Connecticut provides students with the opportunity to learn through intensive and interesting courses. Participants have the opportunity to develop knowledge about topics of interest and learn from university faculty members.

There are a variety of course subject areas for students, including the arts, social sciences, and health studies. The program is also designed to help students prepare for the transition into a college environment.

Participants: Rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Elm City Summer Music Program

Elm City ChamberFest Summer Music Program – New Haven, Connecticut

Elm City ChamberFest is a summer music program that provides students with the opportunity to enhance their interest and skills in music. There are multiple programs offered including a commuter and residential junior strings program, a senior strings program, an explorers program, and an advanced piano program.

Participating students have the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors, meet new people, and develop their musical skills. The program also offers concerts from faculty and other experts in the field.

Participants: Eligibility depends upon the program and ranges from age six to grade 12.


Fairfield Summer Scholars Program – Fairfield, Connecticut

The Fairfield Summer Scholars Program provides motivated students with the opportunity to preview college academics and university life. The program is designed to be a two-week summer experience in which students learn about high-interest topics. Participants have the chance to learn from faculty members at the university, connect with peers from different places, and prepare to make the transition to college.

Students stay on Fairfield’s campus, take classes in a small group setting, receive individual attention, and utilize some of the facilities at the university.

Participants: Rising high school juniors and seniors


University of Hartford Summer Visual Arts Program – Hartford, Connecticut

The High School Visual Arts Program at the University of Hartford provides an opportunity for students to enhance their skills and enthusiasm for art. Students have the chance to learn from instructors, interact with peers, and receive feedback on their artwork.

The program also enables students, who are considering an art major, to work on pieces for their portfolio. Summer courses include areas in art such as photography, ceramics, and drawing.

Participants: High school students interested in art.

University of New Haven Summer Academies – West Haven, Connecticut

The Summer Academies at the University of New Haven offer students a chance to explore interesting topics. Participating students get to interact with peers, meet faculty members, engage in hands-on experiences, and continue learning in the summer. The topics of the academies in the past have included crime scene investigation, entrepreneurship, film, cyber security, and more.

Students can earn a certificate upon finishing the experiences in the program. The summer academies are non-residential programs. There are some scholarship opportunities for students, but it depends on the program in which they would like to participate.

Participants: High school students and middle school students (the grade-level depends on the specific summer academy).

Yale University Young Global Scholars Pre-College Summer Program

Yale Global Scholars Program – New Haven, Connecticut

Yale Young Global Scholars is the most diverse summer program of its kind, admitting students from over 125+ countries and 50 U.S. states for two-week academic sessions at Yale’s historic campus. YYGS offers sessions in engineering, biology, international affairs, literature, arts, and more.

Participants experience university life through Yale faculty lectures and small scale-seminars, all while meeting students from around the world.

Participants: Students must be in grade 10 or 11 at time of application.

Featured College in the State of Connecticut

The featured college section provides a brief look at a college or university in Connecticut that provides summer programs for high school students. The featured college is intended to highlight some of the aspects of an institution.


The University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut is a public university that provides students with a large variety of academic, extracurricular, and social Univeresity of Connecticut campus with summer programs for high school studentsopportunities. The campus is in Storrs, Connecticut which is a relatively small town with shops, places to eat, and a community.

There are 14 different Schools and Colleges that make up the University of Connecticut. These include a School of Business, a School of Engineering, a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, a School of Nursing, a School of Pharmacy and more. Students at the university can choose from over 100 majors, such as finance, biomedical engineering, theater studies, marine sciences, physiology and neurobiology, music education, pharmacy studies, social work, and many more. Students even have the option of developing their own major with the support of faculty.

University of Connecticut summer pre-college programs for high school studentsThe university offers living and learning communities, which enables students to form connections based upon shared areas of interest. There are major-based learning communities such as an engineering house, a fine arts house, and a pre-pharmacy house, and more. There are also interdisciplinary learning communities such as a global house, an eco-house, a leadership house, a public health house, and more. There are also a variety of learning communities that don’t involve housing, but enable students to connect with peers and faculty members through an area of interest. In addition, the University of Connecticut has an honors program which provides students with the opportunity to participate in research, develop leadership skills, and engage in community activities.

The University of Connecticut provides high school students with the opportunity participate in educationally based summer programs. Two of the summer programs that are offered by UConn are included on this page: The UConn Summer Pre-College Program and the School Engineering’s Explore Engineering Summer Program. An additional summer program known as the High School Student Research Apprentice Program, which is designed for juniors and seniors, takes place at UConn Health or at Central Connecticut State University.

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