Theatre Summer Programs for High School Students

Introductory Information about Summer Theatre Programs

Theatre Curtain for a Summer Theatre Program for High School StudentsTheatre summer programs and camps provide high school students with the opportunity to learn about a variety of aspects involved with theatre performance and production. Some theatre programs are designed for students who already have experience being involved with theater and others are designed for students with any level of experience. Theatre programs for high school students can provide a chance to engage in an area of interest, expand upon school drama experiences, meet other students with a similar interest, and learn about theatre in college, community, or professional setting.
Theatre summer opportunities can focus on different areas Students participating in a summer theatre programwithin the field such as acting, musical theater, set design, and production. While some programs emphasize a particular areas, others enable high school students to explore a variety of facets involved with theater. Theatre programs tend to emphasize experiential and hands-on learning. This gives students a chance to exhibit their creativity, work collaboratively with peers, learn new skills, develop a comfort level with performing, and engage in rehearsals and shows.

Theatre summer pre-college programs for high school students - outdoor peformancePre-College Theatre Summer Programs

A number of theatre programs take place on college campuses around the country. These pre-college theatre summer programs for high school students can provide the chance to learn about theater in a college setting, gain insight about opportunities to become involved with theater after high school, and get a sense of the college experience.

Students dancing in a simmer threatre programPre-college theatre programs are often run by the Theatre Department at a college. As a result, some of the programs enable students to interact and work with faculty members and/or currently students from the department. Some theatre programs that take place ona. college campus are residential, which enables students to gain experience with staying on a college campus.

Theatre Summer Program Opportunities

Theatre sign for a summer theatre programThere are some summer theatre programs that are run by organizations, such as theater companies. These programs often allow students to learn from professionals in the field and develop an understanding of the way in which a theater company functions.
Overall, theatre summer programs enable students to enhance their skills, work cooperatively with peers, learn new techniques, and pursue an area of interest. These programs can also cultivate an interest in becoming involved with theatre in college and/or in a community.

Examples of drama and theatre summer programs include:

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