Summer Programs for High School Students in Florida

Introductory Information about Florida Summer Programs and Camps

This page of the directory includes information about Florida summer programs and camps. The state has a variety of summer program options and opportunities for high school students. The programs have different areas of focus, which can allow students to learn about and enhance their knowledge in an area of interest. Florida summer programs for high school studentsFor example, programs can focus on subject areas that include business, computer science, veterinary medicine, music, visual art, STEM, and other high-interest topics.

This page is designed to provide general content about summer opportunities within the state as well as information about specific summer programs for high school students in Florida.

Resources on this Directory of Summer Programs

The content on this page concentrates on Florida summer programs and camps. For those students, who are interested in examining other summer opportunities there are a variety of options included in this directory. The following is a sample of the types of summer experiences that are contained in this directory.

    • Valuable summer opportunities for students with an interest in developing and enhancing writing skills, including creative writing.
    • Factors to consider when choosing an educational summer program.
    • Explore over ten unique computer science and technology-based summer camps, which include programming, web design, coding, and more.
    • Examples of opportunities that are considered to be low-cost.
    • Engaging summer options in the field of mathematics through collaboration, critical thinking, problem-based learning, and more.

Summer Programs in Florida and Other Ways to have a Productive Summer

Summer program for high school students in FloridaThere are many ways that high school students can spend the summer in a productive manner. During the summer, students can continue developing knowledge, skills, and experiences through a variety of possibilities. These can include arranging job shadow experiences, honing skills in an extracurricular activity, gaining employment through a part-time job, spending time with family members, volunteering at local organizations, and more. It is often helpful for students to think about their goals in advance of the upcoming summer and then begin to plan activities that align with these goals.

Sponsoring Summer Programs in the State of Florida

University of Florida summer pre-college program for high school studentsFor those students who would like to address their educational goals and interests, a structured Florida summer program may be a good option. There are a number of colleges, universities, and organizations that offer programs for high school students. There are well-known large universities in the state that offer opportunities such as the University of Florida summer programs, Florida State University summer programs, and the University of Miami summer programs.

A number of smaller colleges in the state also run programs including the Florida Institute of Technology and the University of West Florida. In addition, there are organizations that sponsor programs, such as museums, and some organizations work with a college to arrange to conduct programs on a campus.

Florida Summer Pre-College Programs

Florida summer programs for high school students on college campuses around the stateFlorida offers a number of summer college or pre-college programs for high school students that take place on the campuses of universities. Pre-college programs tend to be designed to provide students with the opportunity to get a glimpse into college life and prepare for the transition that occurs when completing high school (there is more information in our blog with an article entitled, ‘what is a pre-college program?’).

Although the pre-college summer programs in Florida take place when some of the current college students are not in session, there is a lot that can be gained by having the experience of spending time on a campus. Students who are preparing for the transition from high school to college can find out beneficial information while participating in a pre-college experience.

Florida summer college program for high school studentsThrough a Florida pre-college summer programs students can ask questions to faculty and/or staff members, learn to navigate a campus, and consider the type of college campus that may be a good fit (e.g. large, medium, small, urban, rural, suburban…). In many cases during a summer program, high school students can utilize resources at a college, stay in a dormitory, eat in a dining hall, interact with faculty members, and get to know the layout of the college.

In addition, Florida pre-college summer programs that take place on college campuses enable high school students to get a sense of the academic expectations in a college environment. This can be helpful as students consider post-secondary educational options.

Researching and Exploring Florida Summer Programs

Researching Florida summer programs for high school studentsIt can be valuable for high school students to carefully consider the summer programs that can meet their goals, expectations, and interests. Students can research aspects of summer programs such as daily schedule, location, cost, size, length and more.

The posting on this page, below, can be useful because they provide information about specific Florida summer programs for high school students.

Florida Summer Program Spotlights

Florida State


Florida State Summer Music Programs



University of Florida Gator
Computing Program


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Florida Summer Programs for High School Students

Circle K

Circle K Summer Camp  – Central Florida

Circle K is a summer camp in Central Florida that is designed to provide a variety of opportunities and experiences for students. Participants have the chance to engage in programming in areas such as the arts, sports, and water activities.

The summer camp provides participants with the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities, interact with peers, develop friendships, and learn different skills.

Participants: Ages 6-16

University of Central Florida summer programs for high school students

University of Central Florida Summer STEM Institute Program – Orlanda, Florida

UCF offers a summer program that is designed to promote learning in the STEM areas (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The program is enables motivated high school students (there is also an institute for middle school students), to gain insight into STEM-based subject areas.

Through the summer institutes, students can focus on a high-interest topic such as biological sciences, computer science, and programming. Participating students have an opportunity to learn from professors, engage in practical real-world learning, meet other students with a similar interest, and delve deeply into topic of interest. Students also gain the experience of being on a college campus and they can learn about potential career options within the STEM fields.

Most of the institutes are commuter-based, which enables students participate in the learning activities during the day and return home in the evenings. There is also a residential summer programming institute that allows students to stay in campus housing and utilize campus resources after the daily educational activities have concluded.

Participants: The eligibility requirements for students (e.g. grade level) depends upon each institute.


Gator Computing Program at the University of Florida – Gainsville, Florida

The Gator Computing Program provides high school learners with the chance to gain knowledge and skills in the area of computer technology. The program helps students understand the interdisciplinary role that computers and technology play in a many different areas of society.

Participants learn from the university’s faculty members, gain hands-on experiences with a variety of technological tools, develop coding skills, visit labs on campus, and work collaboratively with peers. There are some scholarships available for this summer program.

Participants: Rising high school sophomores and juniors.

University of Florida

Gator Vet Camp at the University of Florida – Gainsville, Florida

The Gator Vet Summer Camp is designed to help high school students learn more about the field of veterinary medicine. Students participate in a variety of activities including hands-on learning, visiting facilities used by the university’s College of Veterinary Medicine, and working with faculty members, staff, and current students.

Participants have the chance to gain a better understanding about the overall field of veterinary medicine as well as specialty areas. In addition, students can gain insight into whether they would like to pursue a career option in the field.

Participants: High school students in grades 10, 11, and 12.


Florida Atlantic University Criminal Justice Summer Program – Boca Raton, Florida

The Criminal Justice Summer Camp is designed for high school students with an interest in this field. Participants engage in unique learning experiences through simulations and mock scenes. For example, high school students have a chance view as well as participate in simulations such as a mock court hearing and a mock investigation of a criminal scene.

In addition, students have the opportunity to hear from experts in the field and to go on field trips to gain more insight. High school students in this program also have the opportunity to gain more knowledge about different career options in the area of criminal justice. The summer program is a week-long

Participants: Rising high school students in grades 9-12.

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Florida Tech University Summer Camps – Melbourne, Florida

Florida Tech offers a variety of summer programs and camps for students. The summer camps are offered in the areas of academics, arts, and sports. The summer camps are designed to enable students to participate in areas of interest, enhance their skills, interact with peers, learn from staff members, and engage in enrichment opportunities during the summer break.

Participants: Ages and grades range depending on the program.

Florida State

Florida State Summer Music Camps – Tallahassee, Florida

Florida State’s College of Music offers a variety of summer music camps for students. The summer camps enable students to enhance their interest and abilities in music. The specialty areas include band, double bass, choral, guitar, jazz, piano, strings, and more.

In addition, to honing their music skills, students have the opportunity to be on a college campus, learn from experienced instructors, and meet peers with a similar interest.

Participants: High school, middle school, and elementary students (the grades vary depending on the specific program).

Florida State

Young Scholars Program at Florida State University – Tallahassee, Florida

The Florida State Young Scholars Program provides students with the opportunity to engage in the in-depth study in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). This residential program is six-weeks in length. The program is designed to foster the growth and development of students who are interested in pursuing college majors and careers in STEM.

During the program, participants take interesting and challenging courses in mathematics, science, and computer programming. The program is academically-oriented and students participate in seminars as well as hands-on lab activities. In addition, students have the opportunity to stay at the Florida State University, become familiar with the campus, learn from faculty members, and get a preview of college life.

Participants: Students have completed the 11th grades (on occasion a 10th grader may be admitted).


University of Miami Summer Scholars Program – Corral Gables, Florida

The Summer Scholars Program at the University of Miami is designed to enable high school students to get a preview of college academics and university life. There are a variety of high-interest subjects available for participants, which include architecture, business, engineering, music and more. Students typically select an academic area of interest and take courses in this area.

Through the courses, students engage in hands-on activities, discussions, trips, and labs. Students have a chance to work with peers with similar interests and to learn from faculty members with expertise in their field. Overall, the Summer Scholars Program helps students to become academically prepared for higher education.

Participants: High school sophomores and juniors.

Ringling College of Art & Design

Ringling College of Art and Design Pre-College Program – Sarasota, Florida

Ringling’s Pre-College Program provides the opportunity for students to gain experience in the field of art and design during the summer. Participants have the chance to gain experience in a college environment, learn from faculty members, and interact with other students who have an interest in the arts.

Students also have the chance to learn about a college that specializes in art and design and to prepare academically for higher education.

Participants: High school students.

University of South Florida summer medical program for high school students

University South Florida Summer Medical Program – Tampa, Florida

USF offers a summer program for upper grade-level high school with an interest in medicine and healthcare. The program gives students the opportunity to learn about educational pathways that lead to an occupation in medicine and careers opportunities in the medical field.

Through this summer program, students have the opportunity to interact with professors, find out about clinically-based research in medicine, gain insight into pre-medicine programs and get a preview of the application process for medical school. The program also enables students to actively participate in research-based activities, listen and contribute to interesting discussions, connect with peers with a similar interest, and hear from professionals with experience in the healthcare field.

One of the unique features of the program involves the opportunity for high school students engage in research-based activities. The program emphasizes analytical thinking and utilizing research to address real-world issue. Towards the end of the program, students have a chance to share their work with others.

This pre-college program is designed to be residential. In addition to students learning about the medical field, they can also stay in dormitories on the university’s campus to get a feel for life in a higher education setting.

There is an application for this programs and students may also apply for scholarships. The program is offered in multiple sessions during the summer.

Participants: High school students who will going into 11th or 12th grade.

Stetson University broadcasting summer program for high school students

Stetson University Sports Broadcasting Summer Program – DeLand, Florida

This unique summer program enables high school students to explore and learn about the profession of sports broadcasting. Sports broadcasters work in a variety of arenas such as television stations, radio stations, and through online sports coverage. This program provides students with the opportunity to gain practical experience in this field.

During the program, students learn about many different aspects of the sports broadcasting field. For example, students gain knowledge in areas such as commentating, conducting interviews, camera operations, and production.

There is a commuter-based option that is intended for students who would like to return home after the daily activities conclude. There is also a residential option for students, who are interested in staying on the campus and getting a preview of living in a college setting. Stetson also has a unique scholarship program in which students can raise money for their education and a part of this can go towards the participation in a summer program at Stetson.

Participants: This program is designed for high school juniors and seniors as well as college students at Stetson University.

University of Tampa summer music programs for high school students

University of Tampa Summer Music Programs – Tampa, Florida

The University of Tampa offers multiple summer music programs for high school students as well as middle school students. The programs give students the chance to improve their music skills, spend time on a college campus, and learn from experienced instructors.

The programs are designed to provide opportunities in different areas of music. The areas include band, choir, and chamber. Each of the programs enable students to become immersed in music during the summer at the university.

Through the program, students receive instruction in a variety of settings. Participants also have the chance to collaborate with other musicians, learn new pieces, enhance performance ability, and prepare for musical endeavors in school as well as other settings.

There is a residential option as well as a commuter option for the programs. The residential option allows students to gain additional experience in a university environment. The commuter option enables students to participate in the musical activities throughout  each day and then return home in the evenings.

Participants: High school and middle school students. The exact grade levels depend on each program.

University of West Florida

University of West Florida Explore Summer Camps – Pensacola, Florida

The Explore Summer Camps at the University of West Florida enable students to expand and enrich their learning. The programs are designed around a STEAM curriculum (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). As a result, students can explore areas of interest and consider possible career pathways.

The summer camps also emphasize creativity and critical thinking. Students can interact with each other as well as with their instructors. In addition, students have the opportunity to be on a college campus and begin thinking about higher education.

Participants: K – 9th graders.

Recommendations for Finding Additional Summer Experiences

For students who are looking for additional summer opportunities, there are more options included in this directory. The following are some of the recommended resources to help find more summer options.

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    • 10-plus interesting programs for students with an interest in broadcast news, digital media, and journalism
    • Pre-college options for students with an interest in learning about, developing and building skills in visual arts, including areas such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and more.
    • Valuable chances to build musical skills during the summer on a college campus.

This directory of summer programs  also contains additional information that can be found by viewing states or topics in the menu. There are also relevant articles that can be found on the blog page.

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