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Summer Programs for High School Students in Georgia

Background Information on Georgia Summer Programs

Georgia Tech University summer program for high school studentsThis page of the directory includes information about summer programs and camps for high school students in Georgia. These programs can enable students to expand their education from the school year and continue their learning into the summer. There is a range of program options in the state that are designed to help students have a productive summer. There are many summer opportunities that students can engage in after the traditional academic year has concluded. For students who are interested in participating in a structured educational opportunity, there are wide of variety of options. This page includes background information about summer options and followed by descriptions of specific summer programs in Georgia, which include opportunities at the University of Georgia and summer camps at Georgia Tech University.

Summer Locations in the State of Georgia

Georgia summer programs for high school studentsFor high school students who are interested in participating in a summer program, they can examine opportunities in different locations around the state. Summer programs in Georgia are typically run by colleges, universities, and reputable organizations. The summer opportunities are held in places around state.

The locations of summer program in Georgia include places such as Atlanta, Savannah, Valdosta, Athens, and Kennesaw. In some cases there are multiple programs offered in one locations. For example, in the Atlanta area, there are programs that are held on the campuses of Emory University and Georgia Tech. The range of locations for summer opportunities serves to increase the options for students from inside the state and those coming from outside of the state.

Residential and Commuter Summer Programs in Georgia

Summer camps at Georgia Tech UniversityIn addition to the variation in the locations for summer opportunities, there are also different options in regards to residential and commuter programs. Some of the programs in Georgia are residential. This enables students to stay at the location, typically a college campus, during the course of the program. When residential programs are held on college campuses, students often have the chance to stay in dorms, utilize campus resources, and learn about campus facilities.

There are also commuter-based programs, which are designed to enable students to engage in educational activities during the day and return home each night. Commuter programs can provide the educational benefits of a summer program and the cost is typically less because there is not a charge for housing.

Summer programs for high school students in GeorgiaIn addition, there are some programs that provide students with the option of being a residential or commuter participant. These programs allow students and families to decide which option is a better fit.

Pre-College Summer Programs in Georgia

Summer programs for high school students at the University of GeorgiaPre-college summer programs are intended to give high school students a glimpse of college academics and / or life. These programs typically offer experiences that help students preview post-secondary education and prepare them for the transition from high school to college. For example, pre-college summer programs can provide high school students with a chance to learn from university faculty members, get a feel for the academic expectations at a college, and become familiar with campus resources.

There are many pre-college programs in the state of Georgia as well as around the country. For example, Emory offers a pre-college program in the Atlanta area that enables high school students entering 11th and 12th grade to explore topics of interest while learning about life on a college campus.

Summer pre-college programs for high school students in GeorgiaWith schools like the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State, and more, there are opportunities for high school students to participate in a pre-college program on a college campus. Additionally, there are a number of reputable organizations that sponsor and run programs on college campuses in Georgia, which increases the options for students to consider a pre-college program.

Productive Summer Options in Georgia

Georgia summer programs for high school studentsHigh school students summer can have a productive through many different pathways. Some students may want to gain employment skills and earn money through a part-time job. Other students may opt to do community service in their local area, whereas other students may want to visit colleges and prepare for the ACT or SAT. It can also be important for high school students to spend time with family and friends and to relax to be energized for the next school year.

A Georgia summer program is an option that high school students can consider when their school year concludes. These programs give students a chance to explore subjects interest, make new friends, develop their knowledge and skill set, interact with professors and instructors, and learn about possible college majors and careers.

With advanced planning, high school students can participate in a summer program while also engaging in other activities. For example, a student may participate in a week-long program in mid June, go on a family vacation towards the end June, and hone skills in a extracurricular activity of interest (e.g. sports, music, art) during the remainder of the summer.

Researching and Finding Summer Programs

Summer programs for high school students on a college campus in GeorgiaHigh school students can have a number of beneficial options for the summer. Students who are interested in a structured  summer program are encouraged to spend time researching program opportunities in advance. By researching summer programs, students can find out about the dates that programs are offered, the subject areas of focus (e.g. engineering, music, business), and the structure or schedule of different programs. This can help students determine the summer opportunities that align with their goals and aspirations. 

This page includes a variety of summer programs for high school students in Georgia. There are descriptions of specific programs below, which can be used to assist students in finding opportunities of interest.

Georgia Summer Program Spotlights


Georgia Summer Academy Summer Program

Summer program for high school students at Kennesaw State University

Discover STEAM Summer Program
at Kennesaw State

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Georgia Summer Programs for High School Students

Emory University Pre-College Summer Program for High School Students

Emory Pre-College Program – Atlanta, Georgia
The Pre-College Program at Emory provides students with the chance to gain experience on a college campus. Students learn about academic expectation in a university setting and get a sense of what is life is like in a college environment.

The program enables students to examine subject areas at an in-depth level, interact with new peers, take college-level courses, and learn from faculty members. The pre-college program at Emory attracts students from around the country. It provides an opportunity for high school students to explore college, learn about subject areas of interest, and consider potential majors, and career pathways.

Participants: Rising high school juniors and seniors.


Summery Academy at the University of Georgia – Athens, Georgia
The Georgia Summer Academy offers students the opportunity to extend their leaning into the summer. There are a variety of subjects that students can choose to focus on in the program. The academy emphasizes providing students with the chance to explore areas of interest, learn about topics at an in-depth level, interact with other participants, and consider potential career pathways.

Participants: High school and middle school students.


University of Georgia Terry Business Academy  – Athens, Georgia
The Terry Business Academy at the University of Georgia provides a week-long experience for students who are interested in pursuing a career business. Students participate hands-on activities, which are designed to help them learn about the field of business. Participants also have the opportunity to visit business facilities and learn from experts in the field.

Participants: High school juniors and seniors.

Georgia State

Georgia State Early College Enrichment Summer Program – Atlanta, Georgia
The Early College Enrichment Summer Program takes place over four weeks. The program is a residential program and it is designed to help students to experience life in a university setting. Students take classes and take part in academically oriented field trips. Students can also participate in service learning activities.

Participants: High school students

Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech Design Program – Atlanta, Georgia
The College of Design at Georgia Tech offers a unique pre-college program for high school students. Students in the program have a chance to stay on the campus, learn from faculty members, and cooperate with peers. These opportunities take place in a structured educational environment.

During the program, students can learn about design, architecture, and musical technologies. Additionally, this summer program provides students with the opportunity to learn about Georgia Tech, gain experience on a research-rich campus, and explore college majors and careers in the field of design.

Participants: High school students who are rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech Summer P.E.A.K.S Program – Atlanta, Georgia
The P.E.A.K.S summer program is designed to help students enhance their knowledge in areas of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). The program involves students exploring STEAM topics and it is available for a variety of ages.

Participants have the chance to learn from instructors and meet peers with similar interests. Additionally, this program provides students with a chance to be on a college campus during the summer.

Participants: Grades for 4-12.

Kennesaw State summer program for high school students

Kennesaw State Pathways for Girls in STEAM Summer Program – Kennesaw, Georgia
Kennesaw State offers week-long programs for female students in grades six through ten. The emphasizes is on learning about college majors and careers in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math).

Through the program, students gain hands-on experiences, participate in simulations, work collaboratively with peers, and learn about high-interest topics. Students also have a chance to interact with experts in STEAM fields.

Participants: Grades 6-10.


University of North Georgia Summer Honors Program – Dahlonega, Georgia
UNG offers a summer program for qualified high school students. The Summer Honors Program is designed for students to develop leadership skills and learn about topics that extend beyond the traditional school year. Participants engage in adventure-based activities as well as academic learning.

Students can learn from university instructors, engage in hands-on activities, participate in extracurricular experiences, and collaborating with friends. Students also can develop their writing skills, learn about new topics, and participate in challenging activities. The program is selective, requires an application, and there are some limited scholarships available.

Participants: High school students between their junior and senior year.


Savannah College of Art and Design Pre-College Summer Program – Savannah, Georgia
SCAD provides pre-college summer programs for students interested in pursuing college majors and careers in art and design. The program enables students to enhance their artistic skills by working with experienced faculty members and utilizing resources at the college. Through the program, students participate in workshops in a college environment, engage in hands-on activities, and learn about topics of interest.

Participants: High school students.

Valdosta State

Valdosta State University Music Summer Camp – Valdosta, Georgia
The music summer camp at Valdosta State offers high school students with the opportunity to enhance their musical knowledge and abilities. The summer camp is sponsored and coordinated by the Department of Music at the university. Through this summer program, participants have a chance to work with university faculty members, immerse themselves in music, and develop their music-based skills.

The summer music camp has two pathways: a Band Camp and a Voice Camp. The band camp provides students with the opportunity to work on the individual skills as well as ensemble skills through exercises and feedback from instructors at the university. The voice camp enables students to explore many areas that are involved with the development of effective performance-based skills. This program is designed to culminate with a concert performance for families.

Participants: High school students.

Wealthy Habits Summer Program and Camps for High School and Middle School Students

Wealth Habits Summer Camps – Savannah, Georgia
The Wealthy Habits summer camps enables students to learn about managing a budget, investing funds, and engaging in entrepreneurship. The program enables students to enhance their knowledge of financial topics in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Students participate in practical activities to prepare them for the financial responsibilities of adult life. Students also have the opportunity to visit places that are connected to finance, such as the Federal Reserve Bank. The program emphasizes real world financial topics and gives students a chance to learn from experts in the field.

Participants: Students ages 11-19.