Growth Mindset and Summer Programs for High School Students

Growth Mindset and Summer Programs for High School Students

The Power of Yet when Learning takes Place During a Summer Program

Introduction to an Important Aspect of Growth Mindset

Having a growth mindset for a summer program for high school studentsThe Power of Yet!  Carol Dweck has inspired many educators and students to acquire a growth mindset as we put to practice her term “not yet”.  By using the Power of Yet, all learners are able to be more open to embarking upon a journey of discovery and not allow internal doubt to become a judgmental roadblock towards meeting their future goals. 

Instead of saying “I can’t do this” and give up, Carol Dweck suggests adding “yet” or “not yet” to any phrase that would usually allow a student to stop trying or feel self-defeated.  Therefore, by saying “I can’t do this, yet” will hopefully promote better problem-solving or exploratory experiences for students and inevitably provide them with more meaningful ways to achieve their personal, academic, and professional objectives. 

The Power of Yet Applied to Summer Programs

Summer programs for high school students to build confidenceThe Power of Yet can be directly applied to students investigating summer educational programs that can in essence help springboard them towards finding more satisfying career options.  For instance, if students say, “I am not sure if I want to be a doctor” by adding “yet” to the end of this statement, students might be more apt to attend a science or math summer program that shows how these specific areas directly impact the field of medicine. 

This growth mindset may then lead to students finding out that they actually are more interested in working with animals, which inevitably helps them to explore veterinary science as a career choice.  If these students did not try a science or math summer program, then they may miss out on information that would stop them from becoming a veterinarian.  The Power of Yet is an incredible tool to help students understand and believe that anything is possible.

Resources for Exploring Summer Educational Programs

Road trip used for growth mindsetSummer educational programs can support these “not yet” moments with better resources and information to achieve a more productive outcome.  Learning to appreciate the journey in life is a hard lesson.  The Power of Yet can help us to roll down the window and take in all the scenery allowing us to discover things that are not on the map towards our destination.  This is why when someone yells “road trip” we become excited and enthusiastically jump in the car knowing that we will get somewhere in a much more invigorating and fun way. 

Let’s have more “road trip” moments at a summer educational camp where you can learn with others who were just as elated as you are to get into the car to travel to a college campus and learn exciting new concepts with their peers.

Summer Educational Programs on College Campuses

High school students working together at a summer programMany summer educational programs on college campuses are research-based and designed to entice young minds to explore in-depth subjects that are presented at an introductory level during an academic school year. 

If students believe they have not learned enough about this topic yet, then perhaps they will be more apt to find a summer program that will allow them the time to gain resourceful information.  Inevitably, adopting a “not yet” attitude can help students overcome challenges and ultimately become more confident in taking risks.

Cooperative Learning and the Power of Yet

Instructor helping high schoo students in summer program on a college campusThe Power of Yet is more fun when you have others who are open to as many possibilities as there are answers.  These collaborative opportunities will perhaps present the world with solutions to issues that are making us feel hopeless, especially as they relate to the environment.

Having a summer camp experience may inspire students to create or enhance school clubs that are centered on these issues and help society become more aware of their global impact. 

Explore the Power of Yet Through a Summer Program

Join others for the Power of Yet moments this summer and be a part of the journey filled with new experiences and lasting memories.  You will find many summer program options on our website to consider as a means to address the “not yet” educational scenarios as exemplified with the declarations below:

  • I can’t solve this mathematical problem, yet! View math summer programs.

  • Notebook for a high school summer programsI am not ready to try this engineering task, yet! View engineering summer programs.

  • I can’t figure out how to get to the Jupiter, yet! View STEM summer programs.

  • I can’t draw a picture of this flower, yet! View summer art programs.

  • My writing is not creative, yet! View writing summer programs.

  • I don’t know how to be an entrepreneur, yet! View business summer programs.

  • I don’t know how to code on a computer, yet! View summer computer camps.

Resources to Learn More about Growth Mindset

  • Carol Dweck’s YouTube TED Talk on the Power of Yet as it relates to a Growth Mindset is an excellent resource for students, parents, and educators.

  • Here is a website that highlights the main ideas in the book Mindset  by Carol Dweck.

Enjoy your future with your new “not yet” mindset!!

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