Indiana Summer Programs and Camps for High School and Middle School Students

This page of the directory includes information Indiana summer educational programs. Indiana summer programs enable students to learn about topics such as art, business, music, journalism, and more.

Many programs take place on a college campus, which allows students to gain experience in a university setting. For more information on Indiana summer programs and camps, please view the postings on this page.

Indiana Summer Program Spotlights

Indiana State

Indiana State Summer Honors Program

University of Indiana

University of Indiana Pre-College Summer Business Programs


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Indiana Summer Educational Programs

Ball State

Ball State University DesignWorks Summer Academy – Muncie, Indiana

Ball State University offers a summer art workshop for high school students through the College of Architecture and Planning (CAP). Students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experiences, learn from experts in the field of art, go on field trips, and meet peers with similar interests. Students also have a chance to experience a feel for college life on the Ball’s State’s campus.

Participants: High school students who have completed sophomore or junior year (other eligibility requirements may apply).


GERI Summer Residential Program at Purdue University – West Lafayette, Indiana

The Gifted Education Resource and Institute (GERI) offers a residential summer program. Participants have a chance to extend their learning and build on their creativity.

Students learn about high interest-topics at an in-depth level. The program provides students with the opportunity to work with experienced staff members, make new friends, and explore unique topics.

Participants: Students in grades 5 – 12.


Hanover College Summer Academy – Hanover, Indiana

Hanover offers a summer academy institute for high school students to get a sense of college life. Participants have the opportunity to learn from college professors and explore a topic of interest at a high level.

Students in the program choose a course based on their interest. Course offerings have included the civil war, environmental science, engineering, health studies, and more. By participating in the program, students have the chance to preview college academics and get a taste of college life.

Participants: Rising sophomore, juniors, and seniors.

University of Indiana

Indiana University Pre-College Summer Business Programs – Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business offers pre-college programs to help students learn about the field of business. The program is designed for students who may want to pursue a college major and potential in an area of business. The program has pathways, which include Young Women’s Institute, Up Next Business Academy, and Meet Kelley.

Overall, students have the opportunity to gain experience on a college campus, learn from faculty members, and enhance their knowledge of business.

Participants: High school sophomores and juniors (other requirements may apply depending on the pathway).

University of Indiana

Indiana University High School Journalism Institute – Bloomington, Indiana

The Journalism Institute provides students with the opportunity to learn about the field of journalism. Students participate on hands-on practical activities, learn from experience instructors and experts in the field.

Through the program, students have the chance to explore college majors and career paths in the field of journalism. Participating students have the opportunity to work on journalistic projects to get a feel for working in the field.

Participants: High school students.

Indiana State

Indiana State University Summer Honors Program – Terre Haute, Indiana

Indiana State offers a summer honors program for students. The program provides students with the opportunity to participate in week-long residential seminars. The seminars enable students to explore areas of interest for them.

In addition, students gain experience being a college campus, learning professors and staff members, and meeting other motivated students.

Participants: High school students.

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