Kentucky Summer Programs and Camps for High School Students

This page of the directory includes information about Kentucky summer educational programs and camps. The summer programs in Kentucky enable students to choose from a variety of subject areas and experiences. Students can expand their learning beyond the school year in areas such as music, science, engineering, technology, and more.

Summer programs take place in locations around Kentucky and they are often held on college campuses.  For more information on Kentucky summer programs and camps, please view the postings on this page.

Kentucky Summer Program Spotlights


Louisville Summer INSPIRE
Engineering Program

Northern Kentucky

Northern Kentucky Summer Music Camps


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Kentucky Summer Educational Programs for High School Students


Asbury University Impact U Summer Program – Wilmore, Kentucky

Impact U offers residential summer camps, where students can learn about areas such as creative writing, film, theatre, forensic science, and more. There is also a program that promotes student leadership. Participants have the chance to gain experience on college campus.

Participants: High school students.


Bellermine Summer Youth Camps – Louisville, Kentucky

Bellermine University provides summer youth camps to help students have a productive and engaging summer. In previous years, topics have included math, drama, broadcasting, forensics, law, art, and more. Students also learn from instructors and interact with peers in a college setting.

Participants: Students ages 8-12.

Eastern Kentucky

Eastern Kentucky Summer Computer Camps – Richmond, Kentucky

EKU offers summer computer camps for students of a variety of ages. Students have a chance to learn about programming, game development, coding, working with JAVA, and other practical computer applications. Students also learn about the use of 3D printing. Additionally, students have the opportunity to be on a college campus, meet new peers with a similar interest, and interact with experienced instructors.

Participants: Students ages 7-18.


University of Kentucky Summer Entomology Summer Leadership Program – Lexington, Kentucky

The Entomology Leadership Program provides students with the opportunity to learn about the study of insects. The program primarily takes place outdoors and students participate in hands-on activities and analysis. Students also have the opportunity to share their ideas in discussions about real-world issues involving the field of entomology.

Participants: High school students.


University of Louisville INSPIRE Summer Engineering Program – Louisville, Kentucky

INSPIRE Student Preparedness and Interest in the Requisites for Engineering) emphasizes preparing students for college majors and careers in the engineering field. The program provides an introduction to engineering for students who have been historically underrepresented in the field of engineering.

Participating students learn up to date information about the areas of engineering as well as technology. Students also have the opportunity to explore career interests and potential college majors.

Participants: High school students whose background has historically been underrepresented in the field of engineering (other eligibility factors may apply).

Murray State

Murray State Summer Programs for High School Students – Murray, Kentucky

Murray State helps to run summer programs to provide students with the opportunity to gain interesting experienced during the summer. One program is the Governor’s School. Students who are selected for the Governor’s School have a chance interact professionals in leadership positions, participate in activities and discussions, and meet other motivated students.

There is also a program known as the Commonwealth Honors Academy in which students have chance to participate in a summer academically-oriented enrichment program.

Participants: Rising seniors.

Northern Kentucky

Northern Kentucky University Summer Music Camps – Highland Heights, Kentucky

Northern Kentucky’s summer music camps provide students with the chance to build on their interest in the area of music and work on their musical skills. The specialty summer camps include strings, chamber strings, mainstage dance, musical theatre, and more. Students also have the opportunity to be on a college campus, interact with peers, and learn from instructors.

Participants: High school, middle school, and elementary students.

Western Kentucky

Summer Camps for Academically Talented Middle School Students (SCATS) at Western Kentucky University – Bowling Green, Kentucky

SCATS provides a summer program for high-ability middle school students, where they can meet peers, explore subjects of interests, and gain experience on a university campus. Participating students are encouraged to share their ideas and experiences in engaging discussions. SCATS offers a variety of high-interest classes that enable students learn about topics of interest. Students from around Kentucky can participate in the SCATS program.

Participants: High ability middle school students (grade level eligibility may apply).

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