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Leadership Summer Programs for High School Students

Introductory Information about Summer Leadership Programs

Studet Speaking at a Leadership Summer Program
There are a variety of summer programs that provide opportunities for students to cultivate their leadership skills. There are some leadership summer programs in which the focus of the experience directly involves leadership. More frequently, leadership is embedded in pre-college summer programs that focus on another topic or subject area. Whether the focus of a program is specifically on building leadership skills or weather the chance to develop leadership skills is embedded within other experiences, summer programs can be an effective way to develop or enhance skills pertaining to leadership.
Summer programs that are designed to foster leadership skills often enable students to engage in group work, problem-solving, hands-on projects, and experiential learning. Typically, programs that work to build leadership involve giving students a cance to take on as well as share leadership roles with their peers.

Embedding Leadership Development within a Larger Context on a Summer Program

Students working together in a summer leadership programAn example of a program that may embed leadership within the context of another topic would be a summer mock trial. Mock trial programs often enable participants to gain leadership experiences while preparing for and participating in a simulated court hearing. Students work together in small groups, share leadership decision-making, engage in collaborative problem-solving, and take on specific roles for the trial. Through working together in a group setting, each student can work on developing leadership skills while preparing for a mock trial simulation. Additionally, Students can develop presentation skills by assuming roles such as an attorney or a witness during the mock trial. Another example of a program that may build in leadership development would be an entrepreneurship program in which students work in small groups during a simulation to develop a product and take it to the market. In this example, students can share responsibilities and divide up roles so different people can lead in different areas of the simulation (i.e. branding, marketing, presentation…).

The Importance of Researching Leadership Summer Programs Carefully


Students collaborating in a summer leadership programIn general, there are summer programs can provide students with the opportunity to develop and/or enhance their leadership skills. While some programs explicitly focus on leadership, other programs embed opportunities for leadership within activities. By practicing leadership skills during the summer, students may find that can it help in other areas (i.e. clubs, sports, extracurricular organizations, jobs…). For students seeking programs that try to cultivate leadership skills, it is important to examine opportunities carefully to see which programs would best align with their goals. Students are encouraged to contact program representatives in order to inquire about how opportunities for leadership are included within a summer experience.


Featured Leadership Summer Program

The Boston Leadership Institute provides a variety of unique summer programs opportunities. This organization has earned awards for the educational pre-college programs that are offered to high school students. The programs offered by the institute enable students to develop attributes of a leader while learning about high-interest topics in the STEM fields and business. Participating high school students have the chance to engage in hands-on activities, experiential learning, laboratory work, data analysis, and much more. The programs also provides students with the opportunity meet peers from locations around the nation and beyond while expanding their learning in summer. The three week and one week programs are designed to promote collaborations, leadership skill development, advanced-level learning, and cooperative experiences.

Boston Leadership Institute summer programs for high school studentsThe Boston Leadership Institute enable students to explore areas of interest, consider potential college majors, and gain insight to career options that align with their passions. One of the aspects that makes the summer programs run by the Boston Leadership Institute unique involves the options that are provided to students. For example, if students are interested in the field medicine, they have multiple specialty options that can be pursued (i.e. biomedical research, neurosurgery research, emergency medicine, and much more). The program options and choices allow students to gain knowledge and experience in a specialized path within a field. This can help students determine the future pathways that may want to pursue within a certain field.

The Boston Leadership Institute is an organization that embeds leadership skills within the programs that are offered to students. The summer programs give students the opportunity to share leadership responsibilities with peers, communicate in group settings, share information with others, and collaborate during hands-on activities.

Examples of leadership-based summer programs include