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Louisiana Summer Programs and Camps for High School Students

This page of the directory includes information about Louisiana summer educational programs. There are a variety of pre-college summer programs that take place at colleges and universities in Louisiana. This provides students with the chance gain experience in a college setting while also extending their learning. By using this directory, students can learn about specific programs and find out more information on opportunities of interest. The postings on this page are designed to assist students in gaining information about Louisiana summer programs with an emphasis on education.

Lousiana Summer Program Spotlights

Louisiana at Lafayette

University of Louisiana Lafayette Summer Scholars Program

Southeastern Louisiana

Southeastern Louisiana University Summer Programs


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Louisiana Summer Educational Programs

Louisiana at Lafayette

University of Louisiana at Lafayette Summer Scholars Program – Lafayette, Louisiana
Summer Scholars is a program for gifted and talented students who are interested in extending and expanding their learning in the summer. During the program, students have the chance to utilize critical thinking skills, meet new peers, interact with instructors, and cultivate academic topics of interest. The program is designed to engage students learning beyond the walls of a traditional school and promote critical thinking, leadership, and analysis. The program has a residential and commuter option.
Participants: Gifted and talented students in grades 7-10.

Louisiana Monroe

University of Louisiana Monroe Academic Summer Camps – Monroe, Louisiana
The Louisiana Monroe Academic Summer Camps provide students with a variety of high interest learning topics. There are programs in art, technology, robotics, and more. The summer camps are designed to engage students in learning and help them develop new knowledge and skills. Participating students have the opportunity to meet new peers and gain experience on a college campus.
Participants: Students of all ages (age varies depending on the specific program.


Louisiana State University Summer Architecture Program – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
The LSU Summer Architecture Program is designed for students who are interested in learning more about the field of architecture. During the program, students gain an understanding of the ways in which design and architecture impact communities. Students have the chance to engage in active learning experiences such as building models. Participants also have a chance to learn from faculty members and consider majors as well as careers in the architectural field. Additionally, students have a chance to stay on college campus and get idea of life in a university setting.
Participants: High school students in grades 10-12.


Louisiana State University Summer Leadership Program – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
The LSU Leadership U Program is designed to help high school students learn about themselves and prepare to take on leadership roles. Students participate in a variety of exciting activities that enable them to work collaboratively with others, interact with different people, and build leadership skills. In addition to leadership building, the program helps students become prepared for higher education. Additionally, students have a chance to preview college life by staying on the university’s campus. This program requires and application. There is a scholarship application for limited available scholarships, which are determined through financial need and academic merit.
Participants: High school students in grades 10-12

Northwestern State

Northwestern State Summer ADVANCE Program – Natchitoches, Louisiana
The ADVANCE Program is a residential summer experience for gifted and talented students. It is affiliated with the Talent Identification Program (TIP). Participating students enroll in one course in an area of interest and have a chance to learn about a subject at an in-depth level. Students also participate in extracurricular activities in a residential setting, which gives them a sense of life in a university environment. Overall, students have the opportunity to be on a university campus, engage in an academically challenging course, meet new peers, and interact with instructors and staff members.
Participants: Students in grades 7-11.

Southeastern Louisiana

Southeastern Louisiana State University Summer Programs – Hammond, Louisiana
Southeastern State offers a variety of summer programs that are intended to stimulate the curiosity of students. The programs include areas such as art, music, technology, and sports. Students have the opportunity to interact with each other, learn from instructors, and gain new skills during the summer.
Participants: Students of many different ages (the age range vary depending on the program).