Maine Summer Programs and Camps for High School Students

This page of the directory provides information about summer programs in Maine. There are variety of Maine summer programs that are available for students. Many of the opportunities are considered to be pre-college programs because they give students a chance to gain experience on a college campus and preview life in a college setting. There are colleges, universities, and organizations that sponsor programs. For more information on Maine summer programs and camps, please view the postings on this page.

Maine Summer Program Spotlights


University of Maine Summer Engineering Program

Southern Maine

University of Southern Maine Summer Theatre Academy


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Maine Summer Educational Programs


Bowdoin Summer Art Camp – Brunswick, Maine
The summer art camp offers students the opportunity to cultivate their artistic skills and creativity. There are sessions that focus on high-interest topics that feature different genres of art. The summer camp takes places on the campus of Bowdoin College, which gives students a chance to explore art in a college setting.
Participants: Students ages 5-15.


University of Maine Consider Engineering Summer Program – Orono, Maine
The Consider Engineering Program provides students with a chance to explore engineering during the summer. This pre-college summer program enables students to learn about career options in the field engineering. Through the program, students have a chance to engage in hands-on activities, collaborate with peers, and talk with engineering students and faculty members from the university. Students also have the opportunity to stay on the university’s campus and get a preview of life in a college setting.
Participants: Motivated rising seniors (completed junior by the summer) with an interest in math and science.

University of Maine summer program for high school students

University of Maine Summer Youth Music Camp – Orono, Maine
The School of Performing Arts offers summer pre-college music camps for students. The summer camp is designed to help students enhance their musical skills and learn from faculty members and professionals. There are also extracurricular activities provided, including concerts. Additionally, students have the chance to be on the university’s campus and get learn in a college setting. There is a junior camp and a senior camp. Participants: Junior Summer Camp: grades 5-8; Senior Summer Camp: grades 8-12.

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Southern Maine

University of Southern Maine Summer Theatre Academy  – Portland Maine
The Summer Theatre Academy is designed to give students a variety of experiences in the performing arts. Students have the opportunity to participate in active, hands-on, and engaging exercise to enhance their acting and performance skills. Students also learn about many different facets of the theatre arts. The program provides a setting in which students can work together and learn from each other. There is a culminating performance that takes place towards the end of the program.
Participants: Rising 8th grades through graduating 12th graders.

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