10 Exciting Math Summer Programs for High School Students

10 Exciting Math Summer Programs for High School Students

Discover Interesting Summer Math Opportunties for High School Students

Introduction to Summer Math Programs

Summer mathematics programs for high school studentsThere are a variety of interesting and exciting math summer programs offered for high school students on college campuses. Math is for everyone!! We use mathematical concepts in all facets of our daily life. Why not use the summer to hone in on these skills and explore new math topics in an exciting learning environment on a college campus of your choice?

Universities around the country offer unique opportunities for students to participate in engaging, hands-on learning experiences related to math. These day and residential programs are designed to provide students with research-based activities appropriately developed to enhance their analytical skills. Explore these educational math topics with experts in the field and enjoy learning with your peers who have similar academic and professional goals. This directory also includes summer STEM programs that include mathematics as well as the integration of other subject areas.

The Importance of Extending Mathematical Learning in the Summer

Math summer programs for high school studentsOur nation is in need of math majors who can find new ways to solve old problems that will positively impact our future. Students who attend summer math camps will be able to attain exceptional resources to address these global issues while enhancing their analytical and research skills in exciting learning environments.


Learning Interdisciplinary Connections through Math Summer Camps

Math summer camps for high school studentsFrom gaming to robotics, there is a range of summer program topics designed to assist students with acquiring and applying mathematical techniques that will help them excel in STEM-related fields. Careers in mathematics can be attained in areas such as finance, business, engineering, space exploration, medicine, along with important problem-solving positions related to the environment and cybersecurity.

Join others as they use the extra time in the summer to investigate all of the exciting aspects of mathematics that will enhance their secondary experiences and prepare them for colleges and their future careers.

Examining and Finding Math Programs to Participate in During the Summer

High school summer math programThe math programs that are included, below, in this article may be helpful for high school students as they begin researching and finding summer opportunities. It is important to note that the list of programs in this article is not meant to be comprehensive. The math programs that are included in the article are intended to provide examples of the types of opportunities that can be considered during the summer.

Examples of Summer Math Opportunities for High School Students

1. Stanford Mathematics Summer Camp

Stanford offers a summer math program for upper grade-level high school students from around the world to participate in designed for students who excel in mathematics. The admission process is competitive as the program seeks students who demonstrate an aptitude in mathematics and are motivated to explore research topics in-depth with university professors.

Stanford math summer program for high school studentsThere are two programs that center on algebraic concepts. One program specifically studies abstract algebra along with number theory as they relate to research in mathematics and computer science. The second program focuses on the algebraic topology that is used to research the transformation of spatial objects. There are 40 students accepted into the program. Students attend morning classes and then spend the afternoon solving daily problem sets with their peers. On Fridays, students work in a research setting where they receive assistance and resources related to their research projects.

The program is designed for high school students who will be entering the 11th or 12th grade. There is an application for the program and admission is considered to be competitive.

2. Hampshire College Summer Mathematics Program

Hampshire has a summer math program for high school students. Hampshire is a liberal arts college located in Amherst, Massachusetts. In the program, students participate in daily workshops directed by university professors that focus on exploratory topics in mathematics.

Math summer workshops for high school studentsThe workshops in the summer program also include computer instruction along with many opportunities to investigate challenging math-related problems. Students also select “maxi” and “mini” courses halfway through the program where they can explore many interesting topics related to data analysis, statistics, graph theory, and geometry.

The program is also designed to have Sunday field trips and activities that are centered on many places of interest in the Boston and New England area. In addition, students can invite their teachers to attend the camp with them, which is a very unique aspect of this summer program.

The program is intended to be high school students. There is an application process for the program.

3. The University of Chicago Young Scholars Summer Math Program

The University of Chicago provides a summer program for students in high school and junior high school in the Chicago area who have outstanding mathematical skills. This program is a four-week residential summer enrichment program.

Math summer pre-college program for high school studentsThe program is uniquely crafted to enable students to study college-level mathematical concepts in a broader sense rather than in an accelerated manner to ensure enrichment outcomes. Educational experiences are designed to appropriately challenge students at their specific grade-levels. For example, students in grades seventh and eighth participate in research-based computer lab activities related to their grade level studies, whereas, high school students are presented with problem-solving scenarios that may take up to a week to complete.

The program’s end goal is to present college-level mathematics in a manner that encourages students to pursue careers in math-related fields, especially for women and students from underrepresented backgrounds. In addition, collaborative research projects allow students to interact with faculty and foster mentorship from undergraduate and graduate students from the university.

The summer program alternates topics based on odd and even years. Geometry and probability related concepts are studied in odd years. Algebraic number theory and analytical number theory are researched in even years. The program is intended to be for students in grades seven through twelve.

4. University of Dallas Summer Math Academy

The University of Dallas is a private university located in Irving, Texas offers a two-week residential Summer Math Academy. The program is designed to be an inquiry-based experience filled with many interactive activities.

High school students in a summer math program at a collegeStudents participate in learning workshops that will enhance their problem-solving skills and abilities to make conjectures. There are afternoon discussion and evening sessions to foster creative thoughts and research-based applications of the daily topics. These topics include but are not limited to facets related to number and graph theory. Students also have time to experience campus life with their peers and enjoy companionship with those that enjoy math as much as they do.

The workshops are taught by university professors and are supplemented by assistance from undergraduate math majors. The program also encourages students to continue their summer experiences by attending many year-round activities for students through Math Circle.

The summer program is designed for high school students in grades 10, 11, or 12. There is an application process for this program.

5. The Ohio State University Ross Mathematics Summer Program

The Ross Mathematics Program at The Ohio University in Columbus, Ohio offers students a unique experience during the summer. The program is designed for students who are motivated to investigate mathematics during the six-week residential program. Students are presented with invigorating and complex mathematical topics to foster their abilities to communicate with each other about their ideas and enhance their writing skills by creating compelling arguments in the form of proofs.

Summer math programs for high school studentsOne of the many goals of this program is to have students gain a sense of confidence regarding their ability to conduct research and convey their ideas to others. Students participate in daily lectures and problem-solving seminars related to number theory topics. These topics are not typically explored in-depth within a high school curriculum, therefore, students are able to experience how to dive deeply into a topic with the expectation that they will be able to clearly communicate their findings in problem-solving settings.

Mathematics summer program for high school students held on a university campusStudents are also encouraged to continue to think about the daily topics during their own time to foster independent thinking skills and bring their thoughts to the next sessions. Students work with university professors as well as undergraduate and graduate students from various competitive universities in the country. Ross Math Program typically accepts 75 students each year from all over the United States as well as students from other countries. Alumni from the program often come back to work as camp counselors.

This summer mathematics program is intended to be for high school students, who are ages 15-18. There is an application process for the program.

Additional Summer Mathematics Programs for High School Students

6. Minnesota State High School Math League Summer Programs – Minneapolis, Minnesota

This program offers middle school and high school students the opportunity to explore topics in mathematics during a one-week residential program. This program is held in Minnesota

7. Western Washington Summer STEM Programs
– Bellingham, Washington

There are multiple opportunities for students in all grade levels to explore many math related topics in a day camp setting or residential program. These program options are held in the state of Washington.

8. Summer Academy of Actuarial and Mathematical Sciences at Morgan State
– Baltimore, Maryland

This program is designed to enhance high school students’ mathematical skills by presenting mathematical topics in an interdisciplinary manner to help encourage students to pursue careers related to math. The program is held in Maryland.

9 University of West Florida Explore Summer Camps
– Pensacola, Florida

This unique learning opportunity for students in grade K-9 to explore math related topics in a day camp setting centered on creative and analytical skill sets. This program is held in Florida.

10. Math and Science Scholars Program at the University of Michigan
– Ann Arbor, Michigan

High school students have the opportunity to participate in residential and commuter programs to investigate the real-life application of mathematics as they work with faculty members to explore math-related topics. This program is held in the state of Michigan.


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