Minnesota Summer Programs and Camps for High School Students

This page of the directory includes information about Minnesota summer education programs and camps. Minnesota summer programs have opportunities for students to study a variety of areas and expand their learning beyond the school year.

There are summer programs that focus on subject areas such as math, business, language, engineering, theatre, music, and more. In many cases, the programs take place on university campuses, which gives students a change to learn in an educational setting and get a feel for college life. The posting on this page include information about Minnesota’s summer programs.

Minnesota Summer Program Spotlights


University of Minnesota Summer Musical Theatre Program


Minnesota College of Art and Design Summer Pre-College Program


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Minnesota Summer Programs for High School Students

Bemidji State

Bemidji State Summer Upward Bound Program – Bedmidji, Minnesota

The Upward Bound Program at Bemidji State offers a summer program that is designed to provide students with an experience in a college environment. Students have a chance to live in university residence halls, eat in dining areas, go on camping trips, participate in service projects, and learn about college life. Participants also have a chance to take part in evening activities that involve collaborating with and getting to know their peers.

Participants: High school students.


Concordia Language Village Summer Immersion Program – Moorhead, Minnesota

The Concordia Language Villages offer summer youth programs that enable students to learn a new language. The programs emphasize immersive learning and students have a chance to embrace a setting where they can focus on learning as well as using a language.

Students have many opportunities to utilize the language that they are learning and to apply their learning throughout the experience at Concordia Language Villages.

Participants: High school, middle school, and elementary students.

Gustavus College

Gustavus Adolphus College High Altitude Ballooning Summer Program – Saint Peter, Minnesota

The High Altitude Ballooning Summer Program combines a variety of science-based subjects to help students learn about developing and utilizing flying objects such as balloons and drones. The program is education-oriented and students have the opportunity to learn from professors in a college setting.

Participants: High school students.

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest Summer Camps – Saint Paul, Minnesota

Junior Achievement offers summer camps to provide students with the chance to learn about entrepreneurship and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). The STEM Summer Camp enables students to expand their knowledge and learn about career opportunities in the STEM areas. Students also learn about the business field and the ways in which a business can be conducted through the STEM areas. The summer camp is designed to extend student learning beyond the school year and to engage them in a variety of interesting and  educationally-based activities.

The Young Entrepreneurs Summer Camp enables students to learn about many of the different facets of running a business and being an entrepreneur. Participants explore different phases of running a  business such as marketing, advertising, developing a business plan and more.

Participants: Student in grades 4-8 (STEM Summer Camp) and students in grades 5-8 (The JA Young Entrepreneurs Summer Camp).

Mathematics League

Minnesota State High School Math League Summer Programs – Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Mathematics League runs a summer programs that is held at Augsburg University. The programs enable students examine interesting topics in mathematics. The summer programs provide students with the opportunity to extend their learning in mathematics beyond the traditional school year. Through the program, students have a chance to engage in analytical thinking, problem-solving, discussions, and activities pertaining to mathematics.

Participants: High school and middle school students.

Minnesota ASM

Minnesota ASM Summer Materials Camp at the University of Minnesota – Minneapolis, Minnesota

The ASM Materials Summer Camp enables students to learn about materials engineering. Participants can gain an understanding of significant concepts, principles, and ideas pertaining to the field.

Through the summer camp, students engage in active learning exercises, participate lab activities, and visit places to enhance their understanding of what materials engineers do in practice.

Participants: High school juniors and seniors.


University of Minnesota Kids University Summer Camps – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kids University offers a variety of high-interest summer programs for students. Students can explore topics in their areas of interest. Kids University includes subjects such as chess, geology, world languages, technology, engineering, and more. Participants engage in active learning exercises and enrichment activities to extend their learning during the summer.

Participants: High school, middle school, and elementary students (ages vary depending upon the summer camp).


University of Minnesota Summer Music Theatre Program – Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Music Theatre Program is designed to enable students to further their knowledge, engage in active learning exercises, and enhance their performance skills. Students can meet peers with a similar interest and gain experience interacting with instructors. The program culminates with students participating in a showcase at the university.

Participants: High school, middle school, and junior college students (participants should have with performance skills).


University of Minnesota Summer Vocal Artist Program – Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Summer Vocal Artist Program is designed to help students enhance their vocal performing skills by working with professional musicians, faculty members, as well as coaches. Students have the opportunity to build skills and prepare for the college audition process.

Through the program, students can participate in mock auditions, receive individualized support, and interact with their peers. The culminating event of the program involves students participating in a recital.

Participants: High school students.


Minnesota College of Art and Design Summer Pre-College Program – Minneapolis, Minnesota

MCAD offers a high school studio art and design program in the summer. Students have opportunity to examine topics of interest, enhance artistic skills, participate in hands-on activities, work collaboratively peers, and learn from instructors.

Students have a chance to stay on the campus to experience life at an art college. Students can also explore potential majors and develop skills to prepare for a college setting.

Participants: Students completing sophomore, junior, or senior year of high school.

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