Missouri Summer Programs and Camps for High School Students

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Missouri Summer Programs for High School Students


SumerScape and Drury Leadership Summer Academy – Springfield, Missouri

SummerScape is a residential program for gifted middle school students. It is designed to help students become familiar with campus life and enable them to investigate areas of interest.

The Drury Leadership Academy is designed to enhance the leadership and communication skills of high school students. In the Leadership Academy, students participate in problem-solving activities and engage in the analysis of complex issues related to leadership.

Participants: High school and middle school students

Kansas City Art Institute

Kansas Art Institute Pre-College Art Summer Lab– Kansas City, Missouri

The Pre-College Art Lab is a residential program for students interested in learning more about areas such as animation, illustration, painting, and printmaking. Participants can also study creative writing, art history, life drawing, and portfolio prep. Additionally, students have the chance to be in a college setting and utilize resources to promote their interest in the arts.

Participants: High school students.


High School Summer Engineering Camp at the University of Missouri – Columbia, Missouri

This summer camp is designed for students with an interest in the field of engineering. Students participate in hands-on projects and learn about real-world issues as they pertain to engineering.

This residential program gives students a chance to be on a university campus and preview college academics. Students also have the opportunity to explore majors and careers in the field of engineering.

Participants: High school students.


Mini Medical School at the University of Missouri – Columbia, Missouri

This Missouri summer program is designed for students who have an interest in medical careers. Students have the opportunity to work with clinical and research specialists in the area of medicine.

Students also have a chance to participate in hands-on experiences to help them learn about the field of medicine and begin to acquire relevant skills. Students in this program learn about medical school and the expectations for medical students.

Participants: High school students.

Missouri S & T

Missouri University of Science & Technology Summer Camps – Rolla, Missouri

Missouri S & T offers a variety of summer camps that are designed for different ages. The summer camps enable students to explore subjects of interest and to extend their learning beyond the school year. Topics have included areas such as engineering, robotics, invention and more.

Participants: High school, middle school, and elementary students.

St. Louis University

St. Louis University Summer Mock Trial Summer Program – St. Louis, Missouri

The Advanced Mock Trial Program provides students with the opportunity to work in teams and utilize critical thinking skills in relating to legal proceedings. Students also have a chance to interact with and learn from faculty members, grad students, and attorneys. Additionally, the program involves participating in mock trial simulations.

Participants: High school students.

Washington University in St. Louis Pre-College Summer Programs for High School and Middle School Students

Washington University in St. Louis Pre-College Summer Programs  – St. Louis, Missouri

Washington University offers pre-college programs to help students develop their college readiness skills. The High School Summer College Program is a residential experience that provides the opportunity for students to participate in college-level classes and labs, which enables them to prepare for the academic expectations of college.

The High School Summer Institute Program is designed to provide students with the chance to explore careers and majors in the fields of medicine, engineering, leadership, writing as well as other topics.

The High School Summer Academy in the Humanities enables students to explore the arts and humanities. Students examine the ways in which the arts and humanities have developed and how they impact society.

The Middle School Summer Challenge provides middle school students with the opportunity to participate in classes that are designed to extend learning and cultivate areas of interest beyond the traditional school year.

Participants: High school and middle students.


Webster University Summer Music Programs – St. Louis, Missouri

The summer music camps at Webster University enables students to develop their skills and enhance interest in a variety of areas in the field of music. The specialties have included flute, jazz, piano, band, and more.

Participants: Students in grades 6-12.

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