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Music Summer Programs for High School Students

Introductory Information about Summer Music Programs

Music Notes for a Music Summer ProgramMusic summer programs provide students with the opportunity to enhance their musical skills, interact with instructors, meet peers with a similar interest, and enjoy immersing themselves in a musical experience. There are a variety of summer music programs offered, which vary in length, location, instrument of focus, and skill level.

A Variety of Music Summer Programs

Clarinet for a Summer Music ProgramThere are music programs that focus on larger areas such as band, orchestra, chorus, and musical theatre. Some of these programs may run concurrently in the same location or may have different sessions for different genres of music. There are also programs that are narrowly tailored in specific areas such as clarinet, piano, trumpet, violin, percussion, piano, viola, and more. These programs are sometimes referred to as music intensives. There are also a number of programs are designed for students to receive specific instruction in an particular instrument and also participate in larger group instruction in an ensemble setting.

Preparation for College Admission and Beyond through Summer Music Programs

Piano Keys - Music Summer ProgramSome music pre-college programs enable high school students to prepare for auditions that may be a requirement for direct admission into a music major or a school of music. These programs often take place on a college campus or music conservatories and they can provide students with information about studying music in a higher education setting. Other programs, may enable students to practice and rehearse pieces that could be potentially used for music auditions. Students can receive feedback on these pieces and then work to enhance them. Additionally, some pre-college music programs give students a chance to work with faculty members from the department of music, meet current students majoring in this area, and explore music in a college environment.


Culminating Experiences in Music Summer Programs

Performance at a Music Summer ProgramMany music summer programs provide students with some type of culminating experience such as a performance for friends, family, and the community. In addition, some programs provide participants with the chance to attend performances by professional or college level musicians.
Overall, music summer programs can provide students with a variety of musical experiences. Participating in a program may serve to foster a continued enthusiasm for music, as students learn in a new setting, gain insight from different instructors, and play music alongside of peers.

Examples of music summer programs include: