New Hampshire Summer Programs and Camps for High School and Middle School Students

This page of the directory provides information about New Hampshire summer education and pre-college programs. New Hampshire has a variety of summer programs that are available for students in different locations around the state. The programs are offered through colleges, universities, and organizations.

The pre-college programs in New Hampshire enable students to get a sense of life and academics in college setting. Summer programs in New Hampshire also provide students with the opportunity to learn more about subjects of interest, meet peers from different place, work with instructors, and explore potential college majors and career pathways. For more information on New Hampshire summer programs and camps, please view the postings on this page.

New Hampshire Summer Program Spotlights


New Hampshire Institute of Art Pre-College Summer Program

University of New Hamphshire

University of New Hampshire Summer Music Program


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New Hampshire Summer Education Programs

New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire Summer Youth Music School – Durham, New Hampshire

The Department of Music provides a summer program that enables students to enhance their music skills in a university setting. During the program, students focus on an instrument or voice and have the chance to learn from instructors and professional musicians. Students also have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with peers who have an enthusiasm for music.

The programs enables students to receive group instruction as well as feedback in order to promote learning. There are also private lessons available. The program includes performances and a culminating concert. The Summer Youth Music School has both a junior and senior session.

Participants: The junior session: grades 6-8 and the senior session: grades-9-12.

New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire Writers Academy Summer Program – Durham, New Hampshire

The UNH Writers Academy is a summer program that enables students to utilize their creativity and develop their writing skills. Students have the opportunity to engage in the writing process, learn new techniques, meet professional writers, interact with peers, learn from instructors, and share their writing.

The program is offered for variety of ages and students are group by grade-level. The program is held at the University of New Hampshire, which provides students with a chance to gain experience on a college campus.

Participants: Students in grades 5-12.


University of New Hampshire Summer High School Art Camp – Durham, New Hampshire

The University of New Hampshire’s Museum of Art sponsors a summer art camp that consists of a variety of high-interest classes for students. Participants can explore areas such as ceramics, photography, drawing, and more.

Through the courses, students learn about specific types of art, interact with their peers, participate in hands-on activities, and develop their art skills. There are classes that are designed to develop foundational skills for a topic and there are classes that are intended for students delve deeply into learning about an area within art.

Participants: Students in grades 9-12.


New Hampshire Institute of Art Summer Pre-College Program – Manchester, New Hampshire

NHIA offers a pre-college program that provides students with the opportunity to get a preview of life and learning in a college-level environment. Students have the opportunity to interact with faculty members, develop their art skills, learn cutting edge techniques, and more.

Through the program, students can choose different pathways and courses based on their areas of interest. Students gain hands-on experiences, work in studios, and develop pieces that can be utilized in a portfolio. The program has a residential and a commuter option.

Participants: Students ages 15-18

Plymouth State

Plymouth State University Young Writers Institute – Plymouth New Hampshire

The Young Writers Summer Institute is designed for students in the Plymouth area. The program enables students to develop and enhance their creative writing skills. Students have the opportunity to receive instruction and feedback from teachers and writers.

The program is residential, which enables students to immerse themselves in writing activities while also gaining experience on a college campus by staying at Plymouth State. In addition to writing exercises, activities, and instruction, the program also provides extracurricular activities during the evenings.

Participants: High school students.

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