New Jersey Summer Programs and Camps for High School and Middle School Students

his page of the directory includes information about New Jersey summer education programs. The state of New Jersey provides high school students with different summer program options. Many of the programs take place at universities, which enable students to have to a pre-college experience and to learn about a college campus. Some of the programs have specific subject areas of focus, some provide students with a choice of specialization, and others are more general in nature.

Many of the summer education programs in New Jersey are designed to give students to enhance student learning from the school year. Summer programs in New Jersey take place in various locations which include Hobokin, Montclair, New Brunswick, Princeton, Teaneck, and West Long Beach. The postings on this page include information on New Jersey summer programs.

New Jersey Summer Program Spotlights


Rutgers Summer Precollege
Engineering Academy

Fairleigh Dickinson

Fairleigh Dickinson Precollege
Summer Programs


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New Jersey Summer Education Programs

The College of New Jersey

Pre-College Summer Programs at the New College of New Jersey – Ewing, New Jersey
The Pre-College Programs at the College of New Jersey enable students to gain experience on a college campus while expanding their learning beyond the school year. There are different options with the pre-college programs. The Summer Academy Series is designed for students who are interested in gaining academic experience at the college-level and exploring potential majors. Students can participate in an academy based on an area of interest and engage in workshops to learn about various aspects of university life as well as the college admission process. The Summer Service Scholars Program was developed for students who have an interest in serving the community. It is a residential program that enables students take an academic class that integrates service learning. This program can help students gain understanding of college life while pursuing their interest in serving others. The College and Career Readiness Program is designed for eleventh and twelfth grade students who are interested in working on their college applications while also getting to experience life at a university.
Participants: High school students (grade levels can vary depending on the program).

Fairleigh Dickinson

Fairleigh Dickinson Summer Programs – Teaneck, New Jersey
Fairleigh Dickinson offers a variety of programs for students with an interest in having a productive summer. The Summer Pre-College Program is for tenth through twelfth grade students. This program enables students to take academic courses in two week sessions. The courses include high interest topics such as drone technology and pre-medical careers. The Summer Junior Pre-College Program is intended for students the seventh through ninth grades. This program involves students taking courses in high-interest areas such as robotics and photography. The Summer Teaching Academy is designed for high school seniors who are interested in pursuing careers in teaching. This program includes a variety of engaging and practical teaching-based activities with an emphasis on math and science. The Leader in Training Program is intended for eighth and ninth graders. This program enables students to develop leadership skills through activities that focus on critical thinking, problem-solving, and real world scenarios. The College Prep Program for High School Students with Learning Disabilities is designed to help students prepare for the transition to college.
Participants: High school and middle school students (grade levels vary depending on the specific program).


Monmouth College Acceleration Summer Program – West Long Branch, New Jersey.
The College Acceleration Program enables rising high school seniors to take college-level courses at Monmouth College. This program is designed for students who are interested in taking challenging courses in a university setting. The program allows students to gain experience with college academics. Students attend a specific six week session at Monmouth during the summer. The program is intended for students who are prepared for rigorous classes in a college environment.
Participants: High school seniors with certain academic eligibility requirements.

Governor’s School

The State of New Jersey Governor’s School Summer Program – Piscataway and Madison, New Jersey
The Governor’s School is a residential summer program for high achieving rising twelfth graders who have an interest in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The program has been taking place on college campuses in two locations. The Engineering and Technology Program at Rutgers University and Sciences at Drew University.
Participants: Participation involves being rising high school senior and completing an application process.

New Jersey Institute of Technology

New Jersey Institute of Technology College Prep Boot Camp– Newark, New Jersey
The Center for Pre-College Programs at the New Jersey Institute of Technology offers a summer college prep boot camp for students. The week-long program is designed to help students begin preparing for the transition to the college. There are a variety of topics included in this summer program that help students take steps towards in regards to applying to college and preparing for college.
Participants: High school students.


Global Issues Summer Program at Princeton University – Princeton, New Jersey
The Global Issues Summer Program is a part of the Center for Talented Youth (CTY) and is designed for academically talented students in the tenth through the twelfth grades. The program encourages students to critically think about and analyze world issues. Students engage in discussions and participate in active learning experience pertaining to issues that impact the world.
Participants: Academically talented 10th-12th graders.


Rutgers Pre-Engineering Summer Academy – New Brunswick, New Jersey
The Pre-Engineering Summer Program at Rutgers is designed to provide students with an introduction to the field of engineering. Students have the opportunity to learn about the different types of engineering, college majors in engineering, and career pathways in the field. During the program, students can gain a better understanding of real world issues that involve engineering. Students also can engage in practical activities and project-based learning within the program.
Participants: High school juniors and seniors (ages 16-18).


Stevens Institute of Technology Summer Pre-College Programs – Hoboken, New Jersey
Stevens offers pre-college programs for students who are interested in learning more about a topic of interest and who would like to get a preview of college academics. The pre-college programs are based on subject areas that range from business to engineering to computer science to pre-law and more. Participating students have the opportunity to work with faculty members and complete a culminating project.
Participants: High school students.

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