New York Summer Programs and Camps for High School Students

Introduction – Summer Program and Opportunities in New York

New York offers a large variety of summer programs and pre-college experiences for students. High school students from the state as well as those from outside of the state can have productive experiences through participating in a summer program. The programs in New York vary by factors such as the area of focus, the structure, the housing, the educational activities, the cost, and more. This provides can students with a number of options to consider. As a result, it can be beneficial for high school students to research and read about summer programs that may be appealing. It can also be helpful for students to directly contact an official program representative to ask questions. For students who would like to participate in a program, this page of the directory includes information about New York summer opportunities.

New York Summer ProgramsThere are many types activities that can be beneficial and productive for high school students during the summer. For example, students may want to have experiences such as job shadowing, working, volunteering, going on family trips, and more. For those students, who would like to extend their education beyond the traditional school year, a summer program may be helpful. New York summer programs can provide students with opportunities to gain more knowledge in a subject of interest, collaborate with peers, develop new skills, and learn from instructors. It is important to note that a student may be able to participate in multiple activities during the summer. For example, a student could consider participating in a shorter summer program in New York (e.g. a week-long program) and then engage in other activities during the remainder of the summer.

Pre-College Summer Programs in New York

There are many colleges and universities throughout the state of New York. It is one of the states with the most colleges in the country. A number of these institutions offer summer pre-college programs for high school that are designed to provide them with educational opportunities that extend beyond the traditional school year, while also enabling them to gain experience on a college campus. These pre-college programs typically give students a chance to learn more about a topic of interest (e.g. business, art, music, engineering, science, literature, technology, writing…), begin to consider potential college majors, meet professors, and learn about opportunities at the college level.

New York college building for a summer program for high school studentsMany pre-college summer programs are held at a college, which allows students to learn more about a campus. Although many current undergraduates may be away during the summer, it can still be helpful for high school students to gain exposure to a college campus. While programs differ in structure, many pre-college programs provide students with the opportunities such as interacting with professors, meeting current students who are participating in a summer session, utilizing college resources, eating meals in campus dining halls, and visiting buildings on the campus (e.g. the student union, classroom buildings). Some pre-college programs are designed to be residential and participants can stay in a campus dormitory. Others programs are commuter-based with educational activities taking place during the day. In considering a New York summer program, high school students can examine a number of factors, including a particular topics or subject area that they would like to learn more about and the type of experiences that they would to like to gain.

There are a variety of colleges in New York that sponsor pre-college programs, such as New York University, Hofstra University, Wagner University, and many more. There are also organizations that sponsor pre-college programs in New York. An example of an organization that sponsors a summer pre-college program is the New York Times.

New York Summer Programs on this Directory

This page provides more information about a number of different New York summer programs for high school students. Some of the summer programs are selective and some can have spaces fill up quickly. As a result, it can be helpful for students to begin looking for summer programs early in the academic year, to apply ahead of any program deadlines, and to choose several program options of interest.  For more information on summer programs, please view the posting on this page.

New York Summer Program Spotlights

NYC Academy

The NYC Academy Summer Program

Wagner College Summer Program for High School Students

Wagner Summer Pre-College Program


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New York Summer Programs


Alfred University Summer Academic Camps – Alfred, New York
Alfred’s summer academic camps are designed to provide students with in-depth studies of high-interest topics. The subject areas for the summer camps include art, astronomy, ceramics and glass engineering, drones, computer engineering, robotics, creative writing. The classes are taught by faculty and students have a chance to meet new peers with a similar interest.
Participants: High school students.


Barnard Summer Pre-College Programs – New York, New York
Barnard offers a number of pre-college programs for high school students during the summer. The programs include the Innovation Institute, the Leadership Institute, STEM Seminar, and Dance in the City. By participating in a pre-college program, students have the opportunity to learn from instructors, connect with peers, explore areas of interest, and get a preview of college life. The programs enable students to enhance their learning and apply knowledge to real world scenarios.
Participants: High school students.


Colgate University Summer Programs – Hamilton, New York
Colgate offers a variety of summer programs for students. In addition to many sports camps, students have the opportunity to participate in academic programs to expand their learning beyond the school year. Colgate offers residential programs as well as commuter programs. The programs provide students with the opportunity to gain experience on a college campus. The programs include areas such as writing, music, and more.
Participants: K-12 Students


Hofstra University Summer Programs – Hempstead, New York
Hofstra’s summer programs provide students with the opportunity to engage in areas of study such as writing, science research, journalism, and sportscasting.
Participants: High school and middle students.

Marymount Manhattan

 Marymount Manhattan Pre-College Summer Institutes – Manhattan, New York
The pre-college programs are designed to help students learn more about an area of interest. The college offers several different intensives for students during the summer. The United Nations Summer Intensive enables students to investigate international issues, the environment, women’s empowerment, as well as other topics. The Musical Theatre Summer Intensive provides students with opportunity to enhance their skills in dance, voice, and acting. The Slice of New York Pre-College Summer Intensive involve students participating in seminars by faculty members in different fields of study in order to help students prepare for the transition to college and gain a solid understanding of the types of courses that are offered at the college.
Participants: High school juniors and seniors (ages 16 and up).

NYC Academy

NYC Summer Academy– New York, New York
The School of the New York Times offers courses through the New York City Summer Academy. The topics of study include journalism, media, technology, arts, culture, sports, fashion, business, science, and more. Participating students have access to the New York Times and are encouraged to take their learning beyond the classroom.
Participants: High school students.


Summer Pre-College Programs at NYU – New York, New York
NYU offers a summer pre-college program that enables students take college-level courses in a wide variety of subject areas. This enables students to choose an area of study that is of interest to them and to learn about concepts at an in-depth level. Participating students have the chance to experience a preview of college life and prepare for the academic expectations at a university. Students in the program also have a chance to become more familiar with New York City.
Participants: High school juniors and seniors


Pace University Summer Scholars Institute – New York, New York
The Summer Scholars Institute is a residential program that provides students with the opportunity to take interactive courses in areas of interest. The program features five fields of study – Theatre Arts, Business, Psychology, Digital Film, and Criminal Justice. Each field of study integrates trips to locations in New York City that relate to the curriculum that students are learning.
Participants: High school 11th and 12th graders.


Syracuse Summer College  – Syracuse, New York
The Summer College enables students to learn more about a topic or subject of interest. The summer college programs vary in length from one to six weeks. Students can explore subjects such as art, acting, business, computer studies, engineering, film, law, photography, science, and more. As a result, students can learn about topics at an in-depth level. There is also a residential component that is available through the summer college, which enables students to get feel for life on a university’s campus.
Participants: High school students.

Wagner College Summer Program for High School Students

Wagner University Summer Pre-College Program  – Staten Island, New York
Wagner offers a summer pre-collegiate experience for high school students. The program provides students with the opportunity to take short intensive courses on the campus in an area of interest. Students can choose from a variety of high-interest interdisciplinary tracks. Program options have included medicine and science, psychology and photography, business and communications, and more. In addition to learning about topics of interest, the program provides students with a chance to prepare for college, attend workshops, and go on field trips in New York.
Participants: High school students that will be going in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade.

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