Ohio Summer Programs and Camps for High School Students

An Overview of Summer Programs in Ohio

Summer programs for high school students in the state of OhioThis page of the directory includes information about Ohio summer programs and camps. Throughout the state, there are many different summer programs available for high school students.

The content on this page includes important ideas about summer programs in the state and this is followed by information about specific summer programs Ohio, including Ohio State summer programs.

Discovering Opportunities in this Directory of Summer Programs

Ohio summer opportunities for high school studentsThis directory includes a diverse range of summer options for high school students. The text on this page highlights opportunities in Ohio. For those students with an interest in examining a broader range of options, there are a number of resources contained in the directory with additional opportunities. The examples that follow represent a sample of the types of summer experiences that are included in the directory.

    • 10-plus interesting summer programs about careers in pharmacy.
    • Summer programs for students with an interest in writing, including creative writing.
    • Fascinating summer programs in STEM.

The remainder of this page concentrates on summer programs located in Ohio. For further information, programs can be found by state or by topic. There are also blog articles that highlight exciting opportunities.

Locations for Summer Programs in Ohio

Summer programs for high school students at theUniversity of CincinnatiOhio summer programs are held in places around the state. Some of the programs are designed for high school students who live in the state, whereas others are intended to bring students from inside and outside of the state together.

The locations in which summer programs are held include Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Oberlin, Oxford, Toledo, Akron, and many more. There are summer programs are held at the Ohio State University, Baldwin Wallace College, the University of Cincinnati and more (please view the postings below on this page for information on specific summer programs held at these colleges)

Ohio State University summer programs for high school studentsSome of the programs provide a residential option for high school students, which allows them to stay at the program location (e.g. in a college dormitory on a campus). Other programs are meant to be for commuter students who can return home each day after the educational activities have concluded.


Reasons to Consider an Ohio Summer Program

Ohio State University summer programs for high school studentsSummer programs in Ohio can provide high school students with the chance to gain beneficial experience. These programs enable students to build upon their education even when the traditional school year has ended. There are some students who may be interested in participating in a structured summer program in order to learn more about a subject area that they enjoy in school. There are many programs, which allow students to continue learning about a subject from school and explore it at an in-depth level.

Some students prefer to use the summer to learn about a subject that is not typically offered in a traditional high school (e.g. film studies). There are a number of programs that provide students with the chance to gain insight into a topic that is not usually found in a high school curriculum. For specific information about the types of topics that are offered by summer programs, please visit our topics pages (i.e. summer engineering programs).

Ohio pre-college summer program for high school studentsIn addition to learning about a topic of interest, structured summer programs can also provide high school students with experiences such as collaborating with new peers, connecting with professors and other experts in a field, exploring career opportunities, preparing for the transition from high school to college, and participating in a variety of educationally-based activities.

The Importance of Researching and Examining Summer Programs

It is important to note that there are differences among Ohio summer programs regarding aspects such as structure, cost, residence,  instruction, and length. As a result, high school students are encouraged to read about programs, conduct research, and contact official program representatives to ask questions and receive the most updated information.

Ohio summer science programs for high school studentsIt is also important for students to consider different options for the summer. There are many different types of experiences that can be beneficial for high school students during the summer months. For example, a part-time job, community service, gaining skills in an area of interest (e.g. music, visual arts, sports…), career shadowing going on a family vacation. These are just some examples of the ways in which high school students can use the summer productively. In addition, the length of Ohio summer programs can vary widely. As a result, there are many students who can attend a structured program, while also gaining other valuable experiences.

Ohio Pre-College Summer Programs

Ohio college summer programs for high school studentsIn general, pre-college summer programs are designed to help students gain experience to prepare for post-secondary education. There is more detailed information about pre-college experiences on the blog articles: pre-college summer programs with courses and what is a pre-college program

Pre-college programs do not have to be held on a college campus, but many of them do take place in this context. High school students who are interested in pre-college summer programs have a variety of options in Ohio, including Ohio State summer programs and summer programs at the University of Cincinnati.

The state of Ohio has many colleges. There are many well-known public universities such as The Ohio State University, Bowling Green University, Ohio University, Miami University, and more. There is also a sizable number of private colleges such as Kenyon, Ohio Wesleyan, Case Western, Baldwin Wallace, Oberlin, and many more. A number of the colleges and universities in Ohio offer summer programs and camps on their campuses during the summer.

Ohio college campus with a summer pre-college program for high school studentsThrough pre-college summer programs, students can learn more about a topic of interest, gain experience on a college campus, explore potential college majors, meet faculty and staff members, develop or enhance skills, and get a sense of the expectations at the college-level.


Additional Information about Summer Programs in Ohio

Ohio summer program for high school students taking place outside on a college campusIt is important to note that some pre-college summer programs have an application, some are selective, and some have limited spaces available.  Other programs just have a registration process and can expand more easily to accommodate more students.

High school students are encouraged to research and find out about summer program opportunities early to help maximize their options. The following postings on this page include more information about specific Ohio summer programs.

Ohio Summer Program Spotlights


Ohio State Summer Music Programs


Miami Summer Scholars Program

University of Cincinnati summer program for high school students

University of Cincinnati Women in Engineering and Science Summer Camp

Ohio Summer Programs

Baldwin Wallace

Baldwin Wallace Summer Academic Programs – Berea, Ohio

Baldwin Wallace offers summer academic programs for students. There are a variety of program options that are available.

The Classroom Antics Tech Program is for students ages seven through thirteen and it enables them to explore topics such video production, computer programming, robotics, and more.

The High School Tech Program is designed for female students and it provides the opportunity to engage in a curriculum that emphasizes technology in a manner that enhances creative as well as analytical skills.

The Northern Ohio InfraGuard Chapter Cyber Camp is designed for ninth through twelfth graders and focuses on helping students to learn more about career pathways in the field of technology.

Participants: Students ages 7-18.

Bowling Green University in Ohio summer programs for high school students

Bowling Green Summer Music Institute – Bowling Green, Ohio

The Summer Music Institute has multiple options for students. Students can choose from strings, vocal arts, saxophone, piano, and more.  Students are provided with individualized as well as group instruction through the programs. Students also have a chance to interact with peers who have an interest in music.

Participants: Students ages 12-18

BWS Education

BWS Educational Consulting Test Prep and Academic Programs and Tutoring – Columbus, Ohio

BWS offers classes and individual sessions to help students prepare for the SAT and ACT and/or enhance their academic skills. BWS is known for providing individualized and personalized support and prides itself on a student-centered approach that is designed to help students advance forward towards their educational goals.

BWS also provides an option to receive individual tutoring and academic support online.

Participants: Students who are interested in SAT/ACT Prep and/or developing skills in academic areas.

University of Cincinnati summer program for high school students

University of Cincinnati Summer Engineering Camp – Cincinnati, Ohio

UC offers summer camps for students who would like to learn about the field of engineering. There are three different summer camps that are available through the College of Engineering and Applied Science. There is an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Summer Camp, a Women in Engineering Summer Camp, and Men in Engineering Summer Camp.

Students can choose the opportunity that best aligns with their interests and goals. Participants in these programs have the chance to engage in projects, participate in team-oriented activities, and go on field trips to see engineering in action.

Participants: High school students.


Kenyon Summer Young Writers Workshop – Gambier, Ohio

The Summer Young Writers Workshops extends over two weeks and promotes creative as well as insightful writing. The workshop sessions include writing exercises, exploring literary works, and listening to readings by visiting writers. The program also enables students to interact with professional writers, instructors, and peers.

Participants: High school students ages 16-18.


Malone University Summer Academic Camps – Canton, Ohio

Malone University provides a variety of summer camps for students. The Creative Writing Camp includes engaging activities, discussions, and field trips that are designed to help students utilize creativity in their writing. The Cyber Security Camp engages students in learning about real world issues that involve the field of cyber security. The Zoo and Wildlife Biology Camp is designed to give students the opportunity to learn about appropriate ways to handle animals and to identify animal as well as plants from local areas.

Participants: Students in grades 10-12

Miami Summer Scholars Program – Oxford, Ohio

The Summer Scholars Program provides students with the opportunity to gain experience on a college campus and to engage in college-level academic coursework. Students take part in academic modules that align with their interests and goals. There are a variety of modules offered in areas such as business, engineering, fashion design, kinesiology, and many more.

Students have the chance to learn from faculty members and to interact with their peers. The program is residential and enables students preview college life. Participants also learn about the college admission and application process.

Participants: High school juniors and seniors.

Ohio State

The Ohio State University MD Summer Camp – Columbus, Ohio

The MD Summer Camp is designed to help students develop an understanding of medical school, the medical field, and career pathways within medicine. Participants work with current medical students and faculty members to learn about clinical skills and medical issues.

The summer camp includes hands-on learning by integrating aspects of medicine such as suturing, CPR, and physical exams. The summer camp is also designed to promote medicine for those who have traditionally been underrepresented in the medical field.

Participants: Students in grades 10-12.


The Ohio State University Summer Music Programs – Columbus, Ohio

The College of Music at OSU offers a variety of summer programs for students. The Middle School Band Academy is designed for students who have an interest in enhancing their performance skills in band. The Morning Strings Workshop is for students with playing experience, who would like to continue to develop their skills.

There are also residential programs in areas such as base, clarinet, double reed, flute, marching band, and saxophone (these programs also have a commuter option). The programs are designed to help students enhance their skills as well as their interest in music.

Participants: Students in grades 4-12.


Oberlin College Summer Vocal Academy – Oberlin, Ohio

The Vocal Academy focuses on helping students to enhance their skills while preparing for future auditions and performances. Students receive individualized support through the program while also interacting with other musicians.

The program also include acting exercises and improvisational activities to help students prepare for effective performances. Overall, the program is designed to assist students in developing their vocal and performance skills on a college campus with a well known music program.

Participants: High school students.


Ross Mathematics Summer Institute – Columbus, Ohio

The Ross Mathematics Summer Program is designed for students who have an interest learning more about math and science. This pre-college program offers the opportunity for students to think critically, problem-solving, and engage in discussion relating to mathematics and science.

Students have the chance to extend their learning beyond the school year and engage in high level mathematical thinking. During the program, students are encouraged to reflect on their own problem-solving and analytical thinking to further enhance their mathematical skills.

Participants: Students ages 15-18.

Wright State

Wright State Summer Pre-College Programs – Dayton, Ohio

Wright State offers pre-college programs to motivated students who want to explore learning in a university setting. Students have the opportunity to engage in high-level academic experiences and preview college life.

Summer programming includes the Odyssey Summer Opportunity, which is designed for students in grades seven through nine. This program includes learning options in the areas of life skills, debate, science, math and more.

The Office of Pre-College Programs at the university offers summer programs and opportunities during the academic year for students.

Participants: K-12 students (grade level varies depending on the program).


Youngstown State University in Ohio summer program for high school students

Youngstown State Summer Honors Institute – Youngstown, Ohio

The Summer Honors Institute is a week-long program that allows students to stay on the campus of Youngstown State University. Students take courses and have the chance to learn from faculty members. Student can choose classes that align with their interests such as coding, film, literature, health students, and more.

Participants: High school students in grades 10-12

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