Oklahoma Summer Programs and Camps for High School Students

This page of the directory includes information about Oklahoma summer education programs. There are a variety of summer programs that are available for students in Oklahoma. The programs can provide an opportunity for students to prepare for college, study a topic at an in-depth level, experience being on a college campus, and extending academics beyond the school year. The postings on this page include information about summer programs in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Summer Program Spotlights

Southwestern Oklahoma State

Southwestern Oklahoma State Summer Music Camps


University of Oklahoma Sooner Discovery Summer Program


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Oklahoma Summer Programs for High School Students

Central Oklahoma

University of Central Oklahoma Summer Jazz Program – Edmund, Oklahoma

This program enables students to enhance their interests and skills in relation to jazz music. There is a residential and commuter option. Participants gain experience with many facets involved with jazz. Through the program, students can participate in performance-based experiences that are designed to enhance their musical skills.

Participants: Students ages 14 and up.

Northeastern State

Northeastern State Summer Youth Programs – Tahlequah and Broken Arrow Campuses

Northeastern State offers summer youth academies that enable students to extend their learning beyond the academic school year. The education oriented programs include subject areas such technology, art, science, and more.

Participants: Students ages 4 and up.


University of Oklahoma Sooner Discovery Summer Program – Norman, Oklahoma

The Sooner Discovery Summer Program is designed to provide experiences that enable students to take college-level classes and get a preview college life. The program is designed for high achieving students who would like to expand their knowledge in subjects of interest while also gaining experience on a university campus.

Participants have the opportunity to choose from a large array of general education classes at the university. Students have a chance to learn from faculty members and prepare for the academic rigor of college. In addition, participating students have the chance to learn about college admission as well as potential majors in higher education.

Participants: High achieving juniors and seniors.

Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State Summer Music Camps – Stillwater, Oklahoma

OSU offers a week-long summer music programs in the areas of band, orchestra, and piano. The summer camps are designed for students who want to extend their learning. Students have the chance to interact faculty members of the Department of Music. Students can also receive individualized lessons from program instructors.

The program gives students the opportunity to cultivate their performance skills in music. In addition, students can work on preparing for state level music competitions.

Participants: High school students.

Southwestern Oklahoma State

Southwestern Oklahoma State Summer Music Camps – Weatherford, Oklahoma

The Southwestern Oklahoma summer music camps are designed to help students move forward with their music skills during the summer. Students have the opportunity to gain experience in the areas of band, choral, marimba, solo voice, and strings.

Through the summer camps, students receive individual and group instruction that is designed to enhance their performance skills.

Participants: High school and middle school students.


University of Tulsa Summer Music Camps – Tulsa, Oklahoma

The summer music camps at Tulsa offer a variety of options for students such as jazz, choral, piano, band, chamber music, and music composition. Participants have a chance to receive individual and group-based lessons.

Students work with faculty members from the College of Music at the university. The seminars, workshops, and activities that are part of the summer camps are designed to help students with their musical performances. In addition, by participating in this program, students gain experience in a university setting.

Participants: High school and middle school students.

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