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Oregon Summer Programs and Camps for High School Students

This page of the directory is designed to provide information about summer programs in Oregon that are educationally-oriented. The summer programs that are offered in Oregon provide students with the opportunity to gain new experiences, continue their learning after the school year, explore potential career fields, and meet peers from different locations. Many of the opportunities are pre-college summer programs, which enables students to get a preview of the academics and expectations involved with being a on a college campus. For more information on Oregon summer programs and camps, please view the postings on this page.

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Oregon State

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Southern Oregon University Summer Art Program


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Oregon Summer Education Programs


University of Oregon Summer Music Camps – Eugene, Oregon
Oregon’s Music Camps enable students to enhance their music skills during the summer while also gaining experience on a university campus. The summer camps include a Marching and Leadership Camp and a Jazz Improvisation Camp. Students have the opportunity to learn from faculty members and instructors at the University of Oregon. Participants also have a chance to meet new peers with an interest in music.
Participants: High school students.


Oregon College of Art and Craft Summer Pre-College Programs – Portland, Oregon
OCAC provides summer pre-college workshops for high school students with an interest in the visual arts. Students have the opportunity to work with professionals, who can help them develop their skills and provide valuable feedback. Students also have the chance to be in a studio, develop pieces for their portfolio, and learn about a college that specializes in art and design.
Participants: High school students.

Oregon State

Oregon State University Summer Engineering Program – Corvalis, Oregon
The Summer Experience in Science and Engineering for Youth provides an opportunity to learn about engineering for students from backgrounds that have traditionally been underrepresented in the field. Participants have a chance to gain insight into the field of engineering, find out about career pathways, and engage in active learning experiences. Students also have the opportunity to learn about the university and to work on projects that are shared towards the end of the program.
Participants: Students who have completed the 9th, 10th, or 11th grades and have an interest in math and science.

Oregon State

Oregon State University Summer STEM Academy  – Covalis, Oregon
The Summer STEM Academy at Oregon State offers a variety of high school summer camps related to the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The summer camps are in areas such as DNA biology and bioinformatics, cybersecurity, drones and lego robotics, programming, and more. The summer camps are designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore topics of interest, engage in experiential learning, and meet peers with similar interests. There are some needs-based scholarship available for certain programs in the STEM Summer Academy.
Participants: High school students.


Pacific Northwest College of the Arts Summer Pre-College Intensives – Portland, Oregon
PNCA provides pre-college summer intensives that are designed for students with an interest in pursuing a college major and/or carer in an art and design field. The intensives enable students to engage in studio work, learn from professionals, develop pieces for their portfolios, and gain experience at a college that specializes in the art and design fields. PNCA offers a four-week program to help students get a taste of college life and the expectations of a college setting and one week intensives that enable students delve deeper in specific areas of interests. Through the programs, students also have the chance to meet peers from different locations who also have an interest in art and design.
Participants: High school students.

Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon University Young Artists Summer Institute – Ashland, Oregon
The Young Artists Summer Institute is designed for highly motivated high school students with a strong interest in the arts (drawing, writing…). The program is a residential and it is held on the campus of Southern Oregon. During the institute, students learn from professionals, engage in experiential activities, and receive feedback that can help them move forward in their educational as well as artistic pursuits. Students will have the opportunity to present their work and develop pieces that can be included in a portfolio. Participants also have the chance to meet peers and make new friends who have an interest in creativity and the arts.
Participants: Motivated high school students with an interest in the arts.