Pennsylvania Summer Programs and Camps for High School Students

Introduction – Summer Programs in Pennsylvania

This page of the directory includes information about Pennsylvania summer programs and educational opportunities. Pennsylvania has a variety of summer programs and camps that are available for high school students. The programs are held in locations throughout the state. The programs are designed to enable students to learn more about subjects of interest and provide an opportunity to extend learning beyond the traditional school year. Students can apply to programs that emphasize topics such as medicine, music, engineering, business, art, psychology, technology, and more.


Pensylvania Pre-College Summer Programs

The state of Pennsylvania has many colleges and universities. Many of these institutions offer summer pre-college programs for high school students to help them gain a preview of academics, life, and expectations in a higher education setting. This provides opportunities for high school students who live in and out of the state to spend part of a summer on a college campus as a pre-college program participant in Pennnsylania.

Many pre-college summer programs are designed to provide high school students with a window into life in a college setting. While some of the student body on a campus will not be there during the summer, high school students can still have a chance to interact with those who are on the campus, such as staff members, instructors, and college students participating in the summer session. In addition, many pre-college programs enable high school students to utilize a college’s resources, get to know the Pennsylvania summer programs for high schools studentslayout of the grounds, learn from faculty members, and picture themselves at post-secondary institution. Residential options are offered by some pre-college programs and allow students to have a chance to stay in dorms, dine in on-campus buildings, and interact with peers in a college environment. In addition, high school students often have the opportunity to learn more about topics of interest, consider college majors, and explore potential career pathways.


Summer Programs Directory

It is important to note that the summer programs in Pennsylvania vary in a number of ways, including length, residential options, area of focus, structure, learning activities, and more. By using this directory, students can begin to learn about specific programs and find information about opportunities of interest. Students are encouraged to research programs, read about the types of experiences that are offered, and ask questions by calling official program offices. By carefully examining programs, a student is more likely to find those opportunities that align with individual goals for the summer.

Pennsylvania Summer Program Spotlights


Drexel Summer Institutes

Penn State

Penn State Communications Summer Camp


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Pennsylvania Summer Programs


Allegheny College Summer Academy – Allegheny, Pennsylvania
The Summer Academy provides students with a pre-college experience on the campus. Students have the opportunity to take modules in areas such as science, theatre, and history. The modules are designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge. Participants have a chance to interact with faculty members and get a feel for college academics. By participating in the academy, students have a chance to prepare for college and consider college majors as well as career pathways.
Participants: High school students.

Bucknell University summer engineering program

Bucknell University Engineering Summer Camp – Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
The summer engineering camp at Bucknell provides students with an opportunity to become more knowledgeable about and gain experience in the field of engineering. This program enables students to participate in high-interest activities, engage in experiential education, and learn about the wide variety of career options in engineering. The summer camp is designed to provide students with an understanding of the ways in which engineering impacts society and to help them gain insight into the skills that engineers use. Residential students also stay on the Bucknell’s campus, interact with faculty members, and collaborate with peers. Additionally, students can view as well as utilize the university’s engineering resources, such as labs for conducting research. The program requires an application and financial aid may be available for qualifying students.
Participants: There is a program for high school students who have finished grades 10 or 11. There is a middle/high school program for students who have finished grades 7-9.

Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon Summer Pre-College Program – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The pre-college programs at Carnegie Mellon give students a chance to learn about the university and explore subjects of interest. Students can choose programs in areas such as architecture, science, theatre, music, and technology. Students learn from faculty members and have the chance to interact with peers. By participating in the program, students get a feel for college life and gain a better understanding of the educational expectations at the college level. In addition, participating students can explore the city of Pittsburgh while they are in a pre-college program.
Participants: High school juniors and seniors.


Drexel University Summer Institutes – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Drexel Summer Institutes are designed for motivated high school students. The institutes give participants the opportunity to preview college and investigate academics at the university. The institutes offer students the chance to examine subject areas such as engineering, the arts, business, medicine, health professions, and more. Students can explore engaging topics, participate in active learning experiences, and gain a better understanding of career pathways related to the subjects of interest.
Participants: High school students.


Gettysburg College Summer Psychology Program – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
This program enables students learn about the interesting areas of psychology. Students engage in activities and discussions about high-interest topics within the field. By participating in the program, students have a chance to learn from faculty members and explore career options in psychology.
Participants: High school students in grades 10-12


University of Pennsylvania Summer Band Camp – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
This residential summer program provides high school students with the opportunity to enhance their music skills while getting a feel for college life by staying on the campus. The instruction is designed to help students enhance their performing skills. Participating students have a chance perform in concerts for different groups of people. Students also have the chance to visit well known locations in the Philadelphia.
Participants: High school students.


Engineering Summer Academy at Penn – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
This program is designed for high school students who would like to learn more about the field of engineering, college majors in engineering, and career paths in the field. Students can choose classes in different areas in the field of engineering, including medicine, computer science, robotics, cutting edge technology, and more. The program is residential, which gives students the opportunity to utilize facilities and resources at Penn. Students also learn from faculty members and get a sense for the academic expectations at a university.
Participants: High school students.

University of Pennsylvania

Summer Medicine Program at the University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Summer Medicine Program is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. Students participate in activities that are directly connected to the field of medicine and get a sense for what it is like to be a medical student. This pre-college program also gives students a feel college life and enables them to gain the experience being on a university’s campus.
Participants: High school juniors and seniors.

Penn State

Penn State Summer Communications Summer Camps – College Park, Pennsylvania
The College of Communications provides summer camps that enable students to learn about different areas within communication studies. Students can participate in summer camps about broadcasting, digital journalism, and film. The summer camps involve students learning from faculty members and professionals and interacting with peers. Participating students also have the opportunity to learn about Penn State’s campus and resources.
Participants: High school students.

Hillman Academy

University of Pittsburgh Hillman Cancer Center Academy – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
This summer program provides a unique research opportunity for high school students with an interest in pursuing a major and career in a STEM field (science, technology, engineering, math). The program runs over eight weeks and students learn about the cancer center at the university. During the program, students work with faculty members and other professionals to engage in research activities. Students have the opportunity to work on and develop a research poster for a presentation that is conducted towards the end of the academy.
Participants: High school students with a preference given to juniors and seniors.

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