South Carolina Summer Programs and Camps for High School Students

This page of the directory includes information about South Carolina summer education programs. There are many different summer programs and camps that are offered in the state of South Carolina. In particular, there are pre-college programs that take place at universities and institutes of higher education. This provides students with the chance gain experience in a college setting while also extending their learning.

South Carolina summer programs enable students to expand their knowledge in a variety of areas such as science, writing, and test preparation. The postings on this page are designed to provide more information about South Carolina summer programs that have an emphasis on educational learning.

South Carolina Summer Program Spotlights

South Carolina

University of South Carolina Summer Scholars Adventure Series


Furman University Summer Camps


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South Carolina Summer Education Programs

Clemson Summer Program for High School Students

Clemson University Summer Scholars – Clemson, South Carolina
The Summer Scholars Program provides an opportunity for students to extend their learning into the summer. Participants choose a course that aligns with an area of interest. During the program, students have the chance to learn about a topic at an in-depth level, work collaboratively with peers, engage in educational activities, and learn from instructors. The program also provides the opportunity for students to become familiar with a college campus and they have the chance to stay in residence dorms at the university. Additionally, students can learn about the climate and culture at University of Clemson and can gain information about the college admission process.
Participants: Students who will be grades 7-12.


Furman University Summer Academic Programs – Greenville, South Carolina
Furman offers several academically-oriented and skill building summer programs for students. The Emerging Public Leaders Program provides students in South Carolina with the opportunity to learn about utilizing leadership skills within communities. During the program, students have a chance to interact with faculty members, community leaders, and representatives from service-oriented organizations. Students also engage in a curriculum that is designed to cultivate and enhance leadership. After the program, students engage in their own community service project, where they can apply their leadership skills and then return to the campus in order to share their experiences. The Top Mock Trial Program is intended for students who have experience competing in mock trial tournaments. The program focuses on honing mock trial skills through simulations, activities, and discussions. Participating students have a chance to work with and learn from faculty members and current Furman students. Summer Music Camps are offered by the Furman Department of Music. A variety of music areas are offered for students in areas such as band, orchestra, jazz, and vocal. There are also programs for younger students, which are known as the SCOPES Summer Camps. These programs enable younger students to learn and collaborate with each other.
Participants: Students from grades 1-12 (grade levels vary for the specifics programs).

Shared Worlds

Shared Worlds Summer Program at Wofford College – Spartanburg, South Carolina
Shared Worlds is a unique summer program that is designed for students with an interest in speculative fiction, such as fantasy writing and science fiction. Participating students work collaboratively with each to participate in activities and utilize their imaginations. During the program, students have a chance to learn from professional writers. Students are also encouraged to tap into their creativity and develop their own written stories.
Participants: Students in grades 8-12. 

South Carolina

Carolina Scholars Adventure Series – Columbia, South Carolina
This program is designed to promote active and experiential learning among students. Students have the opportunity to participate in high interest courses on the campus of the University of South Carolina. The courses are from a variety of different fields and include topics such as forensic science, pharmacy, business, medicine, computer gaming, and much more. Through the program, students are encouraged to think critically, learn at an in-depth level, and consider potential college majors as well as career pathways.
Participants: Students entering grades 6-12 (there is a selective application process).


Test Prep Programs at the University of South Carolina – Columbia, South Carolina
USC offers prep for examinations such as the SAT and the ACT. The goal of the test prep is to help students as they prepare to apply for admission to colleges and universities. There are a variety of test prep options, which include classroom courses and online instruction. The SAT and ACT test prep have a summer option for students.
Participants: Students preparing for the SAT and the ACT.

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