7 Summer Nursing Programs for High School Students

7 Summer Nursing Programs for High School Students

Summer Programs in Nursing for High School Students

Introduction to Nursing Summer Programs

Summer nursing programs for high school studentsThe nursing profession provides people with the opportunity to help others in need of medical care. Nurses work in many different settings such as medical offices, surgical centers, hospitals, dialysis centers, nursing home facilities, pediatric care units and more. Nurses often work collaboratively with other medical professionals to provide quality health care for people.

The Nursing Profession

Summer nursing programs for high school studentsBased on a variety of factors, opportunities for registered nurses seem to be growing over time. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, registered nursing jobs have been projected to grow between 2018 and 2028 at a faster pace than many other professions. The nursing field is specialized and it can be helpful for high school students who are considering this field to determine if it aligns with their goals, interests, strengths, and aspirations.

Exploring the Nursing Profession for High School Students

Summer programs for high school students who are interested in become a nurseThere are a number of ways that high school students can consider to learn about the nursing field. For example, students can often make arrangements through a medical office or hospital to shadow a nurse. This can be helpful in learning about the types of responsibilities that a nurse has on a day-to-day basis. It can be particularly useful to shadow nurses in different areas. High school students may benefit from shadowing multiple nurses to learn about the responsibilities of a nurse in settings such as a hospital, family medical office, and nursing home. It may also be helpful for students to shadow nurses in different areas of medicine such as cardiology, neurology, and dermatology.

Summer nursing camps for high school studentsHigh school students can also learn about the field of nursing through volunteering in a medical setting where nurses work. For example, when students volunteer in a hospital setting, they can often get a sense of different types of careers in healthcare, including registered nurses. This option enables students to provide a productive service as a volunteer while also observing the work that is being done at a medical center.

High school students can also gain insight into the field of nursing by arranging to speak with a nurse. Students can contact a medical facility to inquire about speaking with a nurse or they can talk with a school counselor or teacher at their school to try to connect with a practicing nurse. By connecting with a nurse, students can ask questions to learn about the profession, the day-to-day schedule, and the educational pathways that can be taken to become a registered nurse.

Participating in a Nursing Summer Program

Nursing summer programs at colleges for high school studentsOne way for high school students to learn more about the nursing profession is to participate in a summer nursing program. There are a number of colleges, medical facilities, and organizations that sponsor summer nursing programs for high school students. These programs tend to enable students to hear from practicing nurses, participate in experiential educational activities, learn about the educational pathways to become a registered nurse, become more familiar with the skill set that is utilized in the nursing field, and visit medical centers where nurses work. Nursing summer programs often assist high school students with examining the nursing profession and beginning to determine if it is a career path that they would like to consider.

It is important to note that the participation in a summer nursing program is not a requirement to pursue a career in the field of nursing. In some cases, there are not local programs available and in other cases there can be financial obstacles with attending a structured summer program. If students would like to attend a summer program and there are financial obstacles, it is recommended that they contact an official program representative to explain the situation and inquire about options that might be available.

Nursing summer pre-college programs for high school studentsThe following content in this article is designed to provide descriptions of seven nursing summer programs for high school students. The list of summer programs below is not meant to be exhaustive or comprehensive. Instead, the seven programs included in this article are intended to be examples of summer nursing programs.

As a note, some of the programs have the dates for 2020 posted and others will be posting them soon. It is recommended that students apply early to programs of interest.

Seven Summer Nursing Program

Seven Summer Nursing Programs for High School Students

Auburn University Nursing Summer Program

Auburn University summer nursing program for high school studentsAuburn offers a Nursing Summer Camp for students who will be going into their freshman through senior years in high school. The program is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the nursing field and would like to learn more about the profession.

One of the important aspects of this program is that high school students have the opportunity to meet, interact with, and work with current nursing students. As a result, they have the chance to learn from nursing students, who are pursuing an educational pathway to become a nurse. The program also enables students to participate in active experiential exercises, learn from instructors at the university, become more familiar with career options in nursing, participate in hands-on activities, and more.

This pre-college program is residential. This allows students to stay on Auburn’s campus, which can give them a preview of residing in a college setting.

Adelphi University Summer Pre-College Nursing Program

Adelphi University summer nursing program for high school studentsThe Pre-College Nursing Program at Adelphi is designed to enable high school students to learn about the nursing profession, develop nursing-related skills, and become more familiar with career options in the field. The program provides high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors with the chance to immerse themselves in a setting that involves learning about the field of nursing.

Through the program, students have the opportunity to learn about different areas of clinical practice, participate in structured observations of nurses in action, and engage in a variety of hands-on learning activities. Participating students can also interact with instructors, work cooperatively with peers, and gain experience on a college campus. This is a residential summer program.

The Ohio State University Summer Program for Future Nurses

Ohio State University summer nursing futures program for high school studentsThe Ohio State Summer Nursing Program is designed for high school students. This program enables high school students to learn from practicing nurses, current nursing students, as well as faculty members and instructors from the university’s College of Nursing. The program enables students to learn about careers in the nursing profession and educational paths for students with an interest in becoming a nurse. This program is also designed to support the initiative of increasing diversity within the nursing profession.

The Ohio State University and the College of Nursing have a variety of resources for students. In this program, high school students have the opportunity to utilize some of the medical resources such as technology-based simulated patient models. There are also a number of other practical and experiential activities for students to engage in. Students also have the opportunity to visit places on the campus where practicing nurses work.

This program has several eligibility criteria, which include a minimum cumulative high school grade point average and earning certain grades in science and math courses, be a high school 9th, 10th, or 11th grader (or a 12th grader that has applied to the university), be committed to diversity, demonstrate an interest in nursing and an interest in the university. There are scholarships available for this program, which are based on financial need.

Milwaukee School of Engineering Summer Nursing Program

Milwaukee School of Engineering summer program for high school studentsThe MSOE Summer Nursing Program is part of a wide range of programs for high school students completing the 9th, 10th, or 11th grade. This program focuses on the area of nursing, as MSOE has an undergraduate degree program in nursing. The program enables high school students to learn about being a nurse as well as a variety of specialization options within the field.

The program emphasizes hands-on and experiential lab-based learning. This gives students a chance to gain knowledge about the nursing profession while also beginning to develop their skills. The program also enables students to learn about the ways in which technologies are being utilized within the nursing profession. In addition, participating students have an opportunity to visit medical centers in the area to see nurses work.

This is a residential summer program, which enables students to get a preview of college life. There are some scholarships available for the program.

Bellin College Nursing Summer Camp

Bellin, in Wisconsin, offers a summer nursing program to help high school students become more familiar with the field and the profession. The summer camp has been designed for students in grades ten and eleven and it enables them to gain experiences that are useful in considering nursing as a career option.

High school student participating in a summer nursing programDuring the program, students have the opportunity to explore nursing through a variety of educational experiences. Participants have a chance to see nurses in action at local medical centers, examine varying pathways within the profession, and begin to develop skills that are used by nurses. Students also receive guidance from experienced instructors and collaborate with other high schoolers who have an interest in becoming a nurse. Additionally, Bellin offers a degree in nursing and students in the summer program can utilize the equipment and educational resources at the college.

The summer camp is offered for three days and there are typically two sessions each summer held on different dates. The program is set up to be commuter-based.

Columbia University Nurse Summer Program

Nurse summer camp for high school students at Columbia CollegeThe Nursing Summer Program at Columbia in Missouri is intended for 11th and 12th graders, who are considering a career as a nurse. The program is designed to provide practical knowledge and skills for participants.

Through the program, high school students have the opportunity to speak with and learn from nursing instructors and professional nurses. During the program, students have a chance to engage in practical applications and experiential learning pertaining to the field of nursing.

This pre-college nursing summer program is residential, which gives students the chance to stay on a college campus and get a glimpse of life in a college setting.

Georgetown Summer Nursing Program

The Summer Nursing Program at Georgetown University is designed for high school students in the 9th, 10th and 11th grades. The program is intended to give students the opportunity to learn about and explore a variety of areas in the nursing profession. Through the program, students can gain an understanding of specialty areas in the nursing field while also examining broad philosophical topics pertaining to being a nurse.

Summer program for future nurses at GeorgetownParticipating students have a chance to learn from instructors with expertise in the field, engage in discussions with peers, and take part in experiential and practical activities in order to begin to acquire skills that relate to the nursing field. In addition, students can visit facilities in the Washington D.C. area to learn about nursing.

Learning about the Nursing Field through Summer Programs

Overall, there are a variety of ways in which high school students can learn more about the nursing profession. A summer program is one option that students can consider. This article has been designed to provide seven examples of summer nursing programs for high school students. The examples provide an idea of the type of opportunities that can assist students with learning more about the nursing field.


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