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Background Information – Summer Programs in Tennessee

Summer programs for high school students in TennesseeThe state of Tennessee has a number of different summer programs and camps for high school students. The programs enable students to learn about a subject area that is enjoyable, meet peers from varying locations, gain insight from instructors, continue their learning from the school year, explore potential career fields, and prepare for the transition that occurs when high school concludes. This page of the summer programs directory includes information about pursuing summer educational opportunities in Tennessee and descriptions of specific Tennessee summer programs, including programs at the University of Tennessee, Vanderbilt University, and the University of Memphis.

Locations of Summer Programs in Tennessee

According to the World Atlas, the state of Tennessee ranks in the top twenty with regard to states with the most colleges. The state has public universities, such as the University of Tennessee, Knoxville along with private colleges like Vanderbilt University.

Tennessee summer programs for high school studentsThe number of colleges contained in Tennessee provides an increased number of summer educational programs for high school students because a number of these institutions host, sponsor, coordinate, and/or run summer programs. It also has led to summer opportunities being offered in different areas in the state because of the varying locations of colleges. It should also be noted that there are reputable organizations that run summer programs. In many cases, an organization will work with a university to run a program on a college’s campus.

There are different locations around the state of Tennessee in which summer programs are held. These locations include, but are not limited to, Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Clarksville, and more.

Summer programs in Tennessee for high school studentsSome of the programs in Tennessee offer on-campus housing to participants, which enable students to come from all over the state and from other states. Other programs are designed to be day programs, which primarily attract students from the local area, but other students can attend if they make housing arrangements.

Tennessee Summer Pre-College Programs

Tennessee summer programs for high school students on a college campusWhen a summer opportunity helps high school students to prepare for college or post-secondary education, it is often referred to as a pre-college program.

Pre-college programs can serve to prepare high school students for college life by providing them with experiences on a campus. Pre-college programs can also prepare students for the academic standards in a college setting through the educational and learning experiences that are provided.

A variety of colleges in the state of Tennessee offer summer programs on the campuses. These are often referred to as pre-college programs because they provide students with the opportunity to learn (and in some cases reside) in a college environment. These programs can be beneficial for high school students in a number of ways such as giving them a chance to explore college majors, develop an understanding of college-level academic expectations, meet current undergraduates, speak with faculty and/or staff members, work cooperatively with other students, and gain experience utilizing resources on a college campus.

Exploring Summer Programs in Tennessee

Tennessee pre-college summer programs for high school studentsIt can be helpful for high school students to research and read about summer programs in order to determine which ones would best match with their priorities for the summer. It is important to note that summer programs in Tennessee can vary by factors such as duration, topic area of focus, selectivity for admission, housing options, cost, schedule, structure, and more. As a result, it can benefit students to research program opportunities and find those that would best fit with their own goals for a productive summer.

This page of the summer programs directory focuses on Tennessee summer programs for high school students. The descriptions, below, may be useful for students as they begin to examine opportunities of interest.

Tennessee Summer Program Spotlights

University of Tennessee summer program for high school students

University of Tennessee Design Matters Summer Program

Lipscomb University in Tennessee summer program for high school students

Lipscomb Summer Journalism Camp


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Tennessee Summer Programs for High School Studenst

Austin Peay

The SOARing with Mathematics Academy at Austin Peay University – Clarksville, Tennessee

The SOARing with Math Program is designed for students who have an interest in the area of mathematics. The academy is intended for high school students who have completed Algebra I or Integrated Math I. 

During the program, students participate in hands-on investigative activities that involve analyzing data and problem solving. Students also have the chance to learn from faculty in the Department of Mathematics at Austin Peay.

Participants: High school students who have completed Algebra I or Integrated Math II.


Belmont University Summer Music Camps – Nashville, Tennessee

The summer music camps are designed to help student develop and grow as musicians. There are a variety of options that students can choose including wind instruments, piano, strings, and vocal arts.

Participants: Students ages 6-18.

Summer journalism program for high school students at Lipscomb University

Lipscomb Summer Journalism Camp – Nashville, Tennessee

Lipscomb offers a summer journalism camp for students interested in this field. There is a residential option and a commuter option. Students participate in sessions to learn about different types of journalistic practices.

Participants also have the opportunity to learn about the that role that social media, news, and layout design play a role in modern journalism.

Participants: High school students.


Memphis University Summer Music Camps – Memphis, Tennessee

The summer music camps at Memphis University include band, orchestra, and choir. There also ensemble electives available for choir students to enhance their experience. Students receive instruction from faculty members as well as guests.

Participating students also have the opportunity to learn on a college campus, meet peers with an interest in music, and prepare for music programs and performances during the school year.

Participants: High school and middle school students.

Memphis College of Art

Memphis College of Art Summer Camps – Memphis Tennessee

The Memphis College of Art offers summer camps that enable students to work on developing their art skills. Students interact with each other and learn from instructors. Students can learn about areas in art such as pottery, sculpture and fashion design.

Students also participate in tours of studios and view artistic demonstrations to help them learn about and embrace new skills.

Participants: Students ages 3-17.


University of Tennessee Summer Camps – Knoxville, Tennessee.

The University of Tennessee offers summer camps known as Kids U. The summer camps are designed to provide students with hands-on experiences. Through Kids U, students can learn about various areas of study such as chemistry, cooking, photography, computers, and more.

The summer camps are intended help address the needs and interests of students at different grade levels.

Participants: Students in grades 3-12.

University of Tennesee summer business program for high school students

University of Tennessee Summer Business Program – Knoxville, Tennessee

The College of Business at the University of  Tennessee offers a summer business program called Business Education for Talented Students. This program provides high school students with am opportunity to learn about significant concepts and principles in the field of Business.

The program provides students a chance to preview being a business major at the university. The program enables students to interact with faculty members, collaborate with each other, and hear from business professionals. One of the features of this program involves students working in small groups on a business project. Towards the end of the program, students share their projects and receive feedback from experts in the business area.

This pre-college program enables students to get a sense of what it is like to be a student at the university. Participants reside on the campus, eat meals in the dining halls, and utilize available resources at the university. There is a not a cost for this program, but there is a small fee to register and save a spot.

Participants: This program is designed for high school students going into the 12th grade with minimum required grade point average and who are from an under-represented background, first generation college-bound, or qualify free and reduced lunch.

Summer program for high school students at the University of Tennesee

University of Tennessee Design Matters Summer Camp – Knoxville, Tennessee

The Design Matters summer camp helps students to examine the impact that design has in society. The summer camp is designed to emphasize engaging students in active learning experiences and creative thinking.

Students also discuss and reflect upon their learning to consider the ways in which they can apply their knowledge of design. Students also have the opportunity to learn from faculty members during studio experiences and to interact with each other about varying perspectives on design.

Participants: High school students.

Vanderbilt University summer program for high school students

Vanderbilt Summer Academy – Nashville, Tennessee

The Vanderbilt Summer Academy is sponsored by the Gifted Education Institute. The academy is a residential program. There is a one week session for students in grades 7-8, a two week session for 9th and 10th graders, and a three week session for 11th and 12th graders.

The academy provides students with advanced-level coursework and learning opportunities. The courses are based on interdisciplinary topics in areas such as philosophy, medicine, technology, and more. Students have a chance to work with faculty as well as professionals in the Nashville area. Students also receive feedback from instructors to help them grow and develop.

Participants: Students in grades 7-12

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