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Tennessee Summer Programs and Camps for High School Students

This page of the directory includes information about Tennessee summer education programs. There are many summer programs and summer camps that are available in the state of Tennessee. Many of the summer programs take place on college campuses, which gives students the chance to preview college life. The summer programs have different areas of focus such as engineering and design, journalism, math, music and more. This enables students to choose a program that aligns with their interests. The postings on this page includes more information on Tennessee summer programs.

Tennessee Summer Program Spotlights


University of Tennessee Design Matters Summer Program


Lipscomb Summer Journalism Camp


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Tennessee Summer Education Programs

Austin Peay

The SOARing with Mathematics Academy at Austin Peay University – Clarksville, Tennessee
The SOARing with Math Program is designed for students who have an interest in the area of mathematics. The academy is intended for high school students who have completed algebra I or integrated math I.  During the program, students participate in hands-on investigative activities that involve analyzing data and problem solving. Students also have the chance to learn from faculty in the Department of Mathematics at Austin Peay.
Participants: High school students who have completed Algebra I or Integrated Math II.


Belmont University Summer Music Camps – Nashville, Tennessee
The summer music camps are designed to help student develop and grow as musicians. There are a variety of options that students can choose including wind instruments, piano, strings, and vocal arts.
Participants: Students ages 6-18.


Lipscomb Summer Journalism Camp – Nashville, Tennessee
Lipscomb offers a summer journalism camp for students interested in this field. There is a residential option and a commuter option. Students participate in sessions to learn about different types of journalistic practices. Participants also have the opportunity to learn about the that role that social media, news, and layout design play a role in modern journalism.
Participants: High school students.


Memphis University Summer Music Camps – Memphis, Tennessee
The summer music camps at Memphis University include band, orchestra, and choir. There also ensemble electives available for choir students to enhance their experience. Students receive instruction from faculty members as well as guests. Participating students also have the opportunity to learn on a college campus, meet peers with an interest in music, and prepare for music programs and performances during the school year.
Participants: High school and middle school students.

Memphis College of Art

Memphis College of Art Summer Camps – Memphis Tennessee
The Memphis College of Art offers summer camps that enable students to work on developing their art skills. Students interact with each other and learn from instructors. Students can learn about areas in art such as pottery, sculpture and fashion design. Students also participate in tours of studios and view artistic demonstrations to help them learn about and embrace new skills.
Participants: Students ages 3-17.


University of Tennessee Summer Camps – Knoxville, Tennessee.
The University of Tennessee offers summer camps known as Kids U. The summer camps are designed to provide students with hands-on experiences. Through Kids U, students can learn about various areas of study such as chemistry, cooking, photography, computers, and more. The summer camps are intended help address the needs and interests of students at different grade levels.
Participants: Students in grades 3-12.


University of Tennessee Design Matters Summer Camp – Knoxville, Tennessee
The Design Matters summer camp helps students to examine the impact that design has in society. The summer camp is designed to emphasize engaging students in active learning experiences and creative thinking. Students also discuss and reflect upon their learning to consider the ways in which they can apply their knowledge of design. Students also have the opportunity to learn from faculty members during studio experiences and to interact with each other about varying perspectives on design.
Participants: High school students.


Vanderbilt Summer Academy – Nashville, Tennessee
The Vanderbilt Summer Academy is sponsored by the Gifted Education Institute. The academy is a residential program. There is a one week session for students in grades 7-8; a two week session for 9th and 10th graders; and a three week session for 11th and 12th graders. The academy provides students with advanced-level coursework and learning opportunities. The courses are based on interdisciplinary topics in areas such as philosophy, medicine, technology, and more. Students have a chance to work with faculty as well as professionals in the Nashville area. Students also receive feedback from instructors to help them grow and develop.
Participants: Students in grades 7-12