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This page of the directory includes information about the summer programs in the state of Washington. There a number of summer educational opportunities that are available for high school students during the summer. These programs provide students with the opportunity to learn about high-interest subject matter in areas such as science, ecology, STEM, music, video, visual art, and much more.

The state of Washington map for summer programs for high school studentsWashington’s summer programs enable students to continue their learning into the summer after the traditional school year has come to a close. Many high school students are interested in exploring topics that could help them begin to consider college majors and potential career options. Students also often want to gain more insight into the subjects that they have not had a chance to learn in school or to continue to learn about an interesting area at in-depth level.

The state of Washington’s summer programs vary in relation to the areas of study that are focused on, the types of experiences that are provided, and the way that learning takes place. The programs also vary in regards to length, location, and cost. As a result, it is important for students to examine options to try to find an opportunity that will match with their interests and goals.


Washington Pre-College Summer Programs

Pre-college summer programs enable students to get a preview of college academics and/or life. There are a variety of colleges and universities that offer pre-college programs for high school students, including schools such as the University of Washington and Washington State University. The pre-college programs typically that take place on college campuses, which allows students to get a sense of life and educational expectations in a higher education setting.

University of Washington Summer Program for High School StudentsSome of the pre-college summer opportunities are comprehensive in nature and allow students stay on the campus during the duration of a program. These residential programs often enable students to stay in dorms, eat in campus dining halls, and learn about a college. They also often provide students with a chance to participate in academic, social, and extracurricular activities.

During the summer session, there are fewer current college students on the campus, but high school students can still get a preview of college life through a pre-college experience. In addition, pre-college programs can give students the opportunity to interact with staff members, collaborate with peers, and learn from faculty members.


Research Summer Programs

It is important to note that summer program in the state of Washington vary in regards to the experiences and activities that are available for students. Additionally, the subject areas of focus are different depending upon the design of the program. For students who are interested in participating a summer program, they are encouraged to research programs in advance and ask questions by contacting program offices to determine if an opportunity will be a good fit. The postings on this page include information about a variety of summer programs in the state of Washington.

Washington Summer Program Spotlights

Washington State

Washington State Summer Music Camps


University of Washington Summer Programs

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Washington Summer Programs


Bellevue College Summer Teen Program – Bellevue, Washington

The Bellevue College summer program provides the opportunity for students to take classes on a college campus. There are multiple subject areas that students can explore such as art and photography, health and fitness; technology, test prep, theatre, world languages, and writing.

Participants: Students ages 12-17.

Eastern Washington

Eastern Washington Satori Summer Camp – Cheney, Washington

The Satori Summer Camp is designed for gifted youth to explore areas of interest with an inquiry-based approach. Students can learn about subjects such as science, theatre, literature, and journalism. Students have the option to live on campus or be a commuter.

Students also have a chance to participate in recreational activities. Overall, the summer camp provides a way for students to extend their learning beyond their classes at school while also interacting with new peers and instructors.

Participants: Gifted and talented students.

Salish Sea Sciences

Salish Sea Sciences Summer Program – Friday Harbor, Washington

The Salish Sea Science Summer Program is associated with the University of Washington. It provides high school students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experiences with topics relating to marine life.

The program provides different options for students, which include summer sessions on field and lab research-based; ecology and bioacoustics; and scientific diving. Participating students also have the opportunity to learn about potential college majors and career pathways in marine sciences, ecology, and other scientific fields.

Participants: High school students


University of Washington Summer Youth Programs – Seattle, Washington

The UW Summer Youth Programs provide students with the option of participating half or full day sessions. The programs are divided by grade level and there are opportunities for elementary, middle school, and high school students.

The program offers a variety of subject areas that enable students to learn more about topics of interest. The subjects vary by grade level and include areas such as drama, writing, STEM, film, and much more.

Participants: Students in high school, middle school, and elementary students (students in grades 1-12. The programs vary by grade).

Washington State

Washington State University Summer Music Programs – Pullman, Washington

The Department of Music at Washington State offers summer music camps for students. The options include strings, horn, oboe, and keyboard summer camps. Students receive instruction from faculty members and visiting artists. Students receive individual coaching, group instructions, and participate in end-of-program performances.

Participants: High school and middle school students

Western Washington

Western Washington Summer STEM Programs – Bellingham, Washington

Western Washington offers summer programs that emphasize learning in the STEM areas (science, technology, engineering, and math). There are half and full day programs available for students. The programs provide students with active learning experiences and give them a chance to expand their knowledge in topics of interest.

One of the programs is called College Quest and it is designed to help high school students prepare for the college environment by taking challenging classes, staying on campus, and learning about the university’s resources.

Participants: High school, middle school, and elementary students.

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