Wisconsin Summer Programs and Camps for High School Students

This page of the directory includes information about Wisconsin summer education programs. Wisconsin has a variety of summer programs for high school students and middle school students that are held in different locations around the state. Summer programs in Wisconsin can provide students with the opportunity to learn more about subject areas, participate in enrichment activities, work with peers, experience life on a college campus, and learn about potential career fields. Many of the

Wisconsin summer programs are considered to be pre-college programs, which give students the opportunity to preview college. Certain programs in Wisconsin focus on specific areas such as art, engineering, science, technology, and more. The postings on this page of the directory include more information about Wisconsin summer programs.

Wisconsin Summer Program Spotlights

UW Oshkosh

University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh Summer Pre-College Programs

UW Whitewater

University of Wisconsin, Whitewater Summer ACT Prep Program


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Wisconsin Summer Education Programs


Marquette University Summer Engineering Institutes – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Engineering Institutes provide students with a chance to become more familiar with the field of engineering. The institutes are led by faculty members as well as current graduate and undergraduate students. Participating students have the opportunity to engage hands-on activities and field trips to learn about the field of engineering.

Participants: High school students.

Milwaukee School of Engineering

Milwaukee School of Engineering: Women in Engineering Summer Camp– Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Milwaukee School of Engineering offers a residential summer camp for female students. Students are able to learn about various disciplines within engineering such as civil, industrial, mechanical, biomedical, computer, and more. Students have the opportunity to interact with faculty members, go on field trips, and meet peers with similar interests.

The program also provides social and extracurricular activities for students. Overall, participants have a chance to learn about engineering, gain experience on a college campus, and interact with new people.

Participants: Female students in grades 10-12.

Green Bay

University of Wisconsin Green Bay Summer Technology and Robotics Programs – Green Bay, Wisconsin

The UW Green Bay provides summer technology camps and clinics for students. There are several different summer camps that are offered.

The Video Game Programming Summer Camp is designed for students who are interested in computer science and designing video games.  Students have the chance to learn about the process of writing and developing video games. The Aviation Student Training Center gives students an opportunity to learn about different aspects of aviation as well as career fields within this industry.

The Robotics and STEM Camps enable students to engage in analytical, collaborative, and project-based activities. Students also learn about careers that connect to STEM and robotics.

Participants: High school, middle school, elementary students (grade-levels vary depending on the specific program).

Wisconsin Madison

University of Wisconsin, Madison Summer Workshop on Atmospheric, Satellite, and Earth Sciences – Madison Wisconsin

This UW Madison Summer Workshop enables students to learn about topics such as meteorology, astronomy, and geology. Students also have the opportunity to interact with and learn from scientists, professors, and graduate students. Participating students engage in experiential exercises, discussions, and activities which are designed to help them learn about interesting scientific concepts and topics.

Participants: High school students.

UW Milwaukee

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee ArtsECO Summer Programs – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The ArtsECO pre-college summer program enables Milwaukee area students to participate in workshops to further their skills in areas of art such as drawing, sculpture, and photography. Students also have the chance to learn about new media in relation to art.
Through the program, students can work on preparing an art portfolio that may assist them with the college admission and application process. Students also have the opportunity to develop their artistic knowledge and skills through the pre-college program.

Participants: High school students.

UW Oshkosh

University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh Summer Pre-College Programs – Oshkosh, Wisconsin

UW Oshkosh offers pre-college programs to high school and middle school students. The programs are designed to enable students to extend their learning beyond the school year and to learn more about topics of interest.

Students can learn topics such as STEM, teaching, business, nursing, and more. Participating students have a chance to engage in active learning experiences and to interact with peers as well as instructors.

Participants: High school and middle school students.

UW Whitewater

University of Wisconsin, Whitewater Summer ACT Prep Pre-College Camp – Whitewater, Wisconsin

The ACT Prep Summer Camp is a two week residential program that is designed to help students prepare for the ACT college admission exam. Students work on prepping for the ACT in order to improve their outcomes on this standardized test. Students participate in sessions to increase their skills in math, science reasoning, reading comprehension, and English. Students also have a chance to learn about test taking strategies that can be utilized on the ACT.

Participants: High school students in grades 10-12.

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