Writing Summer Programs for High School Students

Introductory Information about Writing Programs

Student Writing a Summer Writing ProgramThere are a variety of summer writing programs available for high school students and teenagers. Whether formal or informal, writing is a skill that can be utilized in many different ways and in many different settings. Writing occurs regularly in public school settings, college environments, and career pathways. Writing is also used to correspond with others, share thoughts, and exhibit creativity. The summer months provide an opportunity for students to enhance their writing skills, explore writing genres, and enjoy the process of writing.


Different Types of Writing in Summer Programs

Pen and Writing Journal for a Writing Summer ProgramThere are writing summer programs that enable students to explore and engage in different types of writing and there are other programs that focus on a specific type of writing. This gives high school students a chance to consider programs that are more broad nature or those that are more narrowly tailored to a certain type of writing. Writing programs can focus on areas such as poetry, journalism, non-fiction, play writing, essay writing and more.
Writing summer programs provide an opportunity for students to develop their own writing skills in a variety of ways. Depending on the program, students may receive feedback from instructors, work collaboratively with peers, meet and learn from professional writers. Additionally, some programs culminate with students being able to share their work with a support audience.

Pre-College  Summer Writing Programs

Writing on a College Campus for a Writing Summer ProgramWriting pre-college summer programs typically take place in a college environment, which enables high school students to gain experience being on a campus. Some pre-college programs enable students to learn from faculty members, explore college majors, and gain insight into the way that writing is used in careers. Depending on the program, students may get a sense of the academic expectations for writing at the college level.
Writing summer programs can be beneficial with regards to improving writing skills, learning about new types of writing, following a passion for writing, and preparing to use writing in a variety of settings.


Examples of writing summer programs include:

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